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Ben compton - 2006-06-12
A very beautiful damsel and eats like a pig but be warned, this little fish is truely the son of Satan! My damsel will have no trouble going up to my eel and lionfish and slapping them with his tail. I'm just waiting on the day when my lionfish will eat it. Damsels just need a tank for their own.

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Anonymous - 2006-04-23
I just set up a saltwater aquarium and it has been going for about a month. I have two Blue Damesels. I have had them for about three weeks. I bought them to break in the tank [I know small number of fish] They have never been aggressive or shown aggression. They hang around each other all day. I love watching them go in and out of my rocks! They are a great fish and I plan on keeping them healthy and happy!

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kristen - 2006-04-03
I HAD one of these fish along with a porcupine puffer, a key hole angle, domino damsel, a blue devil, and a 4 striped damsel, and this fish picked on all of them yes even the porcupine puffer!
But any way this fish is highly aggresive.
As i said i had one until one day my porcupine got tired of it and ate it. I know devastating, but in the back of my mined i was kind of glad. It could never terrorize again!

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Bill and Alyssa - 2006-03-31
We had a Yellowbelly Damselfish as part of our starter fish, and it did well up till about five days ago. We got a Undalated Triggerfish FREE from a friend that works at Petco, and for a week and a half all was good. All of our Damselfish had let the Triggerfish know it was there tank, but the Yellowbelly took things to the extreme, so now it's at the Petco looking for a new home. It really tore up the Blue Damselfish, and the Triggerfish. We don't suggest keeping one unless you have it in a species only nano tank all on it's own. So much for so far so good as we had writen in our Undalated Triggerfish comment. Now we have an 80 gallon medic tank caused by one PHSYCO little Damselfish w/ a bad additude, and everyone thinks the Undalated Triggerfish is mean. It was like Pee-Wee Herman beatin' up Mike Tyson in our tank.

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Andrew - 2006-03-16
My first fish i bought to cycle my tank was a lovely blue chromis. He is a bit bossy at times, especially when hes got a tiny chromis friend, and boy does he eat! What a pig, he has grown from 4 to 7cm in only 3 months! He doesnt like the bottom of tank too much. he's always in the top, snapping for food! His name is Freezy and hes one of my favorite fish

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pr[ii]c3ss - 2006-02-28
the sergeant fish is a blue coloured fish and lives in the turtle grass ..

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Tim Arnett - 2006-02-19
Little tough guy likes to bite me if my hand ever enters the tank and always kicks my sand around. but i've had him so long i can't get rid of him. definetly not afraid of anything, used to smack my snowflake eel with his tail all the time. Cool looking but definitely aggressive fish

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Danny - 2006-02-05
Just to update... I added a new few new fish and the little yellow tail damsel went at them like a parana while ignoring pre-existing fish. I quickly removed the yellow tail from the tank and moved around the rocks. Then put the yellow tail back in thinking he was in a new tank. Since he was last in once again, no problem. I recommend adding yellow tails last or to remove and re-arrange, then put back in after new fish. Mine leaves pre-existing fish alone.

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jay - 2006-01-20
my domino damsel is the size of the palm of my hand, give or take. i put a yellow black stripe damsel in my 55 tank first, then an electric blue damsel, then the domino and the domino wasnt agressive at all. it was like there were no fish at all with him. then i added a skooter blenny and a yellow tang. the damsel did nothing to the blenny but almost killed the tang instantly. the damsel chased the tang. i could here it swim through the water and hit the glass a few times. it drug the tang by his tail fin. it was like watching a pit bull attack a poodle i had to immediately transfer the tang to my 12 gallon tank. this happened within a half an hour

Danny - 2006-01-18
I found with my Domino's they only become mean when they have something to fight over like a rock. After removing all the rocks they got along fine. However when they got close to 3" large I noticed they grew some nice pointy teeth. Up to 1.5" in size they seem to be fine with everyone big and small. After 2"-2.5" in size everything smaller with fins is instantly food. However I must say they seem at least for me to be hardier than freshwater goldfish. They are among my favorites since they never stop zipping around the aquarium and rarely hide. I remove them out at 2" and exchange them for smaller babies at the pet shop to start over again.


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