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Anonymous - 2005-10-23
I almost got one today 10-23-05 but it was $50

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Darius - 2005-10-21
a wonderful fish

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cory - 2005-10-10
This fish is very territorial. Frequently found attacking any fish regardless of size. This fish will stress out all other fish. Its so bold that it will attack the owners hand that goes near its "spot". For this reason, I recommend a tank that is longer. This way other fish have less of a chance of going by its "spot" and getting attacked by it.

They like caves and do fine without a sea anemone.

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corry - 2005-10-10
Definitely not a reef-safe fish. He will eat any and all soft corals from my experience.

This fish has a huge personality. Frequently he will swim up to the glass and "beg" for food. My dog-faced puffer will not except anything but flake food. He used to eat supermarket shrimp and that was a cheap way to feed him. Now he wants flake food only. Variety in the diet is important to prevent this from happening.

This fish should not be fed flake food as an only food. They have teeth and those teeth need to be ground down. Otherwise over time the teeth will outgrow the mouth and need to be clipped with a nail trimmer much like gerbils teeth. Not a fun task. Food for this fish to keep its teeth filed would be shelled things like shrimp. If its teeth outgrow its mouth the fish will die and starve.

This fish has not attacked any fish in my tank. These include smaller fish like a cleaner wrasse and green chromis. Actually, my tomato clowns are meaner than the puffer. The puffer is mostly a peaceful fish in my experience.

This fish is generally nocturnal. On the reef during the day, they can be found hiding under coral branches. By night they are out looking for food. Although this fish ignores this nocturnal activitity in captivity.

They do not seem to grow very fast. I have seen 1" growth after one year in my tank.

Blasting powerheads tend to push this fish around. They are poor swimmers.

I recommend a tank size of 125 gallons minimum. Due to the feeding habits of this fish, a large skimmer to remove waste is paramaount.

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A.trost - 2005-10-06
easy to keep but they can easly die from disease.

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Tara - 2005-10-06
blie devil fish are the best i am doing a report about them

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A.trost - 2005-10-06
This is a cool fish. It can get stuck in rocks so watch out.

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  • dorthy anne - 2010-03-18
    Yeah thanks because i have a triggerfish and i was going to put tons of rocks in their but now i think i'll just put like two and they are far apart.
  • tina - 2010-04-28
    Yes I know I lost one today and am so upset... Seems he could not drop his top fin thing once he wedged himself.. I am sooo upset.
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Hannah - 2005-09-26
wow! i love these fish! lol i finally found the one i was looking for! i have had him for 2 weeks now and its been great! not only is he beautiful but hes lively as well! thanks for the info!

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des - 2005-09-23
My Dominos are becoming very pugnacious to any fish in the tank of lesser size than they are. If it continues I will have to consider removing them.

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Anonymous - 2005-09-19
I've kept a golden headed sleeper goby in a tank with a seahorse, and this wasn't a good idea, as the goby was quite rough and quick moving around the seahorse.



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