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JB - 2013-06-05
What fish can live with my clown triggerfish in a 300 gallon tank or is it best to have the tank all by himself?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-06-05
    These fish get big and are predatory so look at smaller companions as possible food. But they are also known to be very aggressive and desire to own their tank as they mature, so there's no guarantee that any other fish will work. Still fish of similar size and dispostiton may work, especially if they are all introduced as youngsters and grow up together.

    Some types of fish you could try would be larger aggressive angels like a Passer or Maculosus Angelfish, possibly a Sohol Tang (they too can get really aggressive) or another aggressive trigger, fast swimming and aggressive wrasses might work, and maybe an eel from the moray group.  It is usually suggested that fish be introduced in order of aggressivenes, introduce the more passive fish first and most aggressive last, making sure each is comfortable before adding the next fish.
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briteny17 - 2008-02-29
This i so awesome, it helped me with my project!

Apurva - 2005-11-29
One of my favourites! And one property you cant forget about him is he is very very intelligent. He even identifies the owner and will eat out of his hand. Try kissing him through the glass and he will kiss you back! Very good fish to have!

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paul janjatovic - 2005-12-03
easy to keep fish once eating. i have raised a pair from very small to adulthood. they are now nearly 8 inches long and have laid eggs a few times. i have yet to try to raise the eggs. glass shrimp are ideal to feed to them. live sand is a must .....p

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  • Linda - 2011-01-30
    I have a blue cheek pair who have been doing well the male looks great [quite fat] but the female has disappeared for 6 days now. Could she be hiding? Presumably it's best not to try to look for her and disturb the rocks. Has this happened with yours? They are approx 10 cm long. Thanks! Linda.
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Suen Ze - 2006-01-01
I Love Dragon Fish. For me, this fish has a special character, besides as a rock mover, this fish knows time very well. I have 2. They only appear at 6 in the morning until 5 at evening. So it's useless for me to find them at night. I love this fish, they move the rocks and the sand keeps clean, by moving them

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isaiah hammond - 2010-05-02
This fish is in my opinion the most beautiful and vital fish there is.

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Tim Phipps - 2003-10-14
Concerning catalina gobies gender. I believe they have the ability to change sex. Over the years I have bought numerous pairs without knowing their sex and always had them spawn. There is a term for it but at this time it eludes me.

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Chad - 2006-11-27
Bought a 3" Potters Angelfish about a month ago. He's in a 135 gallon tank with a 30 gallon sump and a 30 gallon refugium. About 200 pounds of live rock and 100 pounds of live sand. Tank mates are: Passer Angel, Koran Angel, Blonde Naso Tang, Kole Tang, Yellow Tang, Sohal Tang, Volitans Lion. He was rather expensive and I was a bit nervous putting him in a tank with much larger and bolder fish. Especially after reading that they can be rather shy and rarely come out of hiding. He proved to be the exact opposite. Almost always out in the open, often grazing on the live sand. He is a beautiful fish and adds a gorgeous splash of vivid reddish orange and purple. One of my favorite and strongest fish. Farely rare and expensive but well worth it.

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Dave - 2013-02-20
Calmer & less aggressive than any other damsel I ever had. Actually got stuck in a strainer of a hose during a water change & was very scratched & cut up. Healed 100% & no issues. This fish is bullet proof. Was actually bullied by a domino damsel, til I got rid of the domino. I highly recommend this for a one damsel tank.

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jeff - 2009-11-13
I've had a juvenile for just over a week and he's turned into my favorite fish. Very active and entertaining. Always searching for food and if startled he quickly plunges into the substrate.


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