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Mia - 2014-07-03
Dear readers, My name is mia! I absolutely ADORE sharks especially great whites. They rule the sea!!!! One time when I was in mexico beach I saw a huge commotion down by the pier so I sprinted down there to see what was all the haps, ending up being a young boy around age 13-14 had caught a baby hammerhead shark! It was the cutest thing in the world and as much as I wanted to keep him or her (personally I think the sweet baby was a she) I knew she had to go back to her mother :))) Hope we can chat sometime more! Peace love sharks.

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Matt - 2014-06-24
Please help me with infomation on these things. My 'Arothron nigropunctatus' was spawning. She lives alone in a water tank. Female of 'Arothron nigropunctatus' was dying after spawning? Please tell me who knows these things?

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some kid - 2004-05-03
Picasso Triggers are great fish to keep. i have a picasso and a bluethroat trigger in my saltwater reef (yes, i have soft corals, anemones, and polyps with them) and they are doing great! they never bother any of the other fish or corals, and always come to greet you at the front of the tank. they are very herdy, and should mention that i am a kid, and this is the first saltwater tank i set up. they are great, and i would recommend them to anyone who wants a smart, hardy, and peaceful saltwater fish.

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  • Carel Mouton - 2014-06-20
    Who says you can't keep triggers together. I have two Picassos, an Undulate, a Clown, a Nigger and an Indian Trigger in my tank. They all live happily together without any issues. At one stage one of my tangs had an issue with my clown trigger but I took the tang out for a week and this resolved the issue.
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Ruth - 2010-03-09
Scooter blenny was my favorite too. I say "was" because he passed on yesterday. I had a lot of algae on the rocks in my 65 gallon berlin style reef and not a lot of coral thanks to the Racoon Butteryfly (which are awesome to get rid of aiptasia btw if you don't care about losing all your mushrooms too). To decrease the algae I took 3 actions: decreased frozen food (mysis etc.) from 2 cubes per day to 1 for all 8 fish; turned off the MH--actinic blue fluorescent only each day for 12 hours; stepped up 10% water changes/vacuuming from every 2 weeks to every week. Which killed the blenny? I swear he was eating but maybe it wasn't enough. You be the judge and comments welcome.

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  • Tyler seyfert - 2014-06-14
    How long have you had your scooter, they eat really small copepods that reproduce normally in your sump so its possible he didn't have any food to eat
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Fishnerd2000 - 2014-06-04
Hi guys I have two questions for you all. First of all recently I got a pair of ocellaris and I'm wondering what kind of anemone goes with them and is it normal for them to bite each others fins? They only did it yesterday but is it OK? All they do now is swim next to each other. Thanks.

Fishnerd2000 - 2014-06-03
OK so recently I had purchased two healthy looking ocellaris clown fish from my lps and today I was wondering if it was normal if they bite each others fins and they swim together to so I don't think it is bad but can you help me?

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Realistic reef keeper - 2009-11-21
"I just got a dwarf lionfish and I'm already in love with him. He's in a 30 gallon tank with a yellow tang, a picasso triggerfish, a clown triggerfish and a panther grouper. I love the way he watches and then boom! And the fish is gone. I would recommend this to anybody with a semi aggressive saltwater aquarium.
some fish lover!"

Your tank is way to over stocked for the fish you have. You need to do more research before just filling your tank up with whatever you please. They are living creatures try using better judgment with them. You should have at least a 75 gallon tank for those fish. They will most likely die soon if they are not dead already.

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  • Richard - 2010-04-10
    If you are going to keep the lionfish you need to get rid of the triggerfish and grouper too big for a 30 gal. aquarium, not fair to the fish to over stock the aquarium.
  • Steve - 2010-04-14
    I agree with that, as I am about to pick up a fuzzy dwarf lionfish and introduce him to a yellow tang, blonde naso, coral beauty, blue tang and gold stripe maroon clownfish. No fish is over 6" and they are in a six foot long 150 gallon tank established mini reef. Those fish like mine will exceed that tank and probably mine, in a short span of time. Please research what you are doing before you do it. The nitrates alone will make the fish less tolerable to the water changes you will have to do keeping all those med to large fish and a lionfish. I change 40 to 50 gallons every 2-3 weeks and that keeps my Nitrates at .08 ppm to .10 ppm.
  • aelun - 2011-06-11
    Listen you have actually got 2 rather agressive fish and as they grow they will most likely kill your other fish especially considering your tank size. If you want your your fish to survive then you'll need a much bigger tank probably 110 gallons and if you want anenomes say goodbye to your clown trigger fish.
  • Anonymous - 2012-02-01
    4 words, GET A BIGGER TANK!
  • Bill Vasalofsky - 2014-05-29
    A Panther Grouper can get up to 2 feet long and you are reccomending a 75 Gallon tank for that and two triggers, and a lion fish?  I saw a cool video of a Grouper eating a Volitan Lionfish on YouTube.  Those Clown Triggers aren't the nicest fish either.  You're really not supposed to put Trigger Fish in the same tank either.  Just some thoughts.  You probably won't have to worry about the 2 foot Grouper because they'll probably all die before it gets that big.
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Thomas Herrick - 2012-10-17
Saddleback Clownfish are an amazing fish to keep. Being one of the larger species of Clownfish (Such as Clarkii's or Maroon's) they're not particularly picky about what anemone to host. I have an interbreeding pair of a female Saddleback clown, and a male Clarkii Clown, hosting a Condylactis anemone. Now, keep in mind that being a larger clownfish species, they are also a little bit more aggresive than other species (Percula, Ocellaris, Snowflakes.) If you're aiming to interbreed, be strategic. Refer to species of fish that have the same relative body shape, and aggression. Overall Benefits of keeping a Saddleback : 10!! Very interesting fish, with a very interesting personality!

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Fishnerd2000 - 2014-04-28
Hey guys I just need some help. My snowflake eel has been acting strange recently. After my coral beauty died the snowflake may have eaten him cause I haven't found the body yet and recently he tried to eat my pregnant tomato clown. I don't want him to kill her but I don't want to get rid of him I'm going to purchase a 30 gal tank this week. Please help, thanks.

Fishnerd2000 - 2014-04-27
I need help! Today when I was getting prepared to feed my snowflake eel I caught him attempting to eat my clownfish. I stopped him. WHAT Should I Do?!?! I don't want to get rid of him but I don't want him to kill my pregnant clown.


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