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Greg Earle - 2008-08-04
I have a Ribbon Eel which I believe is the longest-lived Ribbon Eel in captivity. I have had it continuously since around 1985 or 1986, I believe. It has been through at least 3 house moves which were undoubtedly traumatic to it (drain tank, put eel in bucket, etc.).

I feed it 2 dozen feeder guppies a week, once a week, and I keep nothing else in the tank (a 60 gallon) to make sure it is not stressed at all. It is like the Energizer Bunny! I am absolutely amazed at my success in keeping this beautiful creature alive for so long. I wish someone at the Monterey Aquarium or some institution would come study it before it goes!

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Dhritiman Datta - 2007-12-06
I have one of these in my 200 litre Fish Only tank. He is very aggressive towards my Pakistani Butterfly and Sebae Clown and other fish of its same size! But they are a really hardy species, very rarely attacked by diseases. Just make sure to provide a good amount of green.

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Don - 2010-03-19
I've an Achilles Tang I've had for about a month -- was doing fine but starting getting white spots about two weeks ago (thought it was itch), cleaner shrimp and cleaner wrasse seems to have cleared that up. However colouration seems to be lost on front half of fish and hasn't returned. Any ideas on what this could be -- not gasping for air, eating well and still moving well about the tank. Unfortunately didn't quarantine first (dumb I know) -- looking to take out of display tank to treat -- only have a goby and 5 year old Yellow Tang in the tank with him and they don't appear to be showing any signs (Yet). I have pictures if anyone want to see them if that might help.

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AR - 2009-03-13
I have an Undulate Trigger living with a Yellow Tang... they have been together since they were babies and believe it or not they are best buds... every now and then the tang will cross the line and the Undulate gets a little nasty but the next day all is well. What I find most odd is the Undulates behavior of building... this guy will literally move all of the sand, gravel, rocks and coral in the tank to one side... he builds these huge mountains on one side of the tank and leaves only the glass on the other side... each time I go in to clean the tank I level off the sand and gravel and move the rocks back, he goes crazy and starts attacking me... than within a few days the mountain is rebuilt... I have had saltwater aquariums for years and have never encountered this behavior.. it's amazing to watch him work tirelessly and I am actually starting to feel bad about re-arranging his home...:-)

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  • Anonymous - 2011-05-17
    He is building a place to sleep. You need to provide a cave for him.
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nick - 2011-12-14
I have a wrasse that I have been trying to figure out what species he is. He is most similar looking to the moon wrasse described here except his redish green coloration extends all the way down his rounded tail. He is also about 4-5 inches long. Either way he has been extremely peacefull, hardy and I've had him for quite some time. My only gripe about him is when I feed my corals he is very smart and likes to eat the food out of them. He will eat so much that his belly will get big and round lol. I keep him with a leapard wrasse, percula, bangai cardinal, longspine urchin, regal tang, yellow tang, bicolor blenny, fire shrimp hermit crabs and various snails. I've never seen him pester any of the other fish and my tank doesn't have anyone that does really.

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  • nick - 2011-12-21
    So I figured out he is most likely an ornate wrasse. I found a book with a picture just like him and that's what they called it!!
  • David Brough - 2011-12-21
    Hey Nick, I'm curious about your ornate wrasse, is it the same thing as the Ornate Leopard Wrasse?
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jami - 2011-01-31
I just purchased a set of clown fish. I have a 110 gallon tank and wondered if anyone could tell me why they seem to always stay at the top of the tank?

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  • Chris - 2011-02-17
    Hi Jami

    I recently purchased 2 False Percula's which tend to stay around bottom 2/3rd of the tank which is normal for False variety, from what I have read in forums it seems quite normal as True Percs tend to prefer the top 2/3rd of the tank.

    I may be wrong but I have come across similar threads while researching.
    Wish you all the look with your new friends, if your like me I can't stop watching them, everyone thinks I'm a saddo.
  • David Jonathan Brodow - 2011-05-27
    The fish are probably just fearful and don't have a territory of their own. Set up a 65 gal tank 2 months ago. Lost some fish to ich until I set up a UV sterilizer. Now I have a fire clownfish who is doing great. I added another clownfish who took some shots from the fire clown but survived. The newer clown stayed on the top for one week then found an anemone to call home.
  • Kelly - 2012-03-02
    I have a female Percula Clown who sleeps at the top of my 55 gal. She hides in a fake log I put in my tank all day and at night, floats at the top. I'm told that clowns often do that. Also, the top of the tank is warmer than the bottom, maybe they just like it where it's warmer?
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Trish - 2011-04-03
I am amazed reading all the comments about Dory! I must have gotten the "mean Dory" because she is nothing like the Dory in the Movie. I strongly believe that Dory is threatend by me because she came into the marriage via my husband one year ago. She HATES me and recently my husband bought me a tiny cute Dory (I named her DOLLY) so when he let her out into the tank, big Dory attacked her and chewed a good chunk of her tail. It is like Dory knew Dolly was mine and just took it out on her. So dolly is doing so much better now but Dory chases her and lets her know who is BOSS! Dory makes loud popping noises when she sees me and she loves to sleep! Wow. One day I clearly upset her and she got sick, spots and puffy eyes, my husband checked the 100 gallon aquarium and all was fine. So I have to be on my best behavior and not upset Dory. It is amazing. She runs the WHOLE aquarium! No joke. I love this fish despite her dislike for me and Dolly. She has a very unique character and they are beautiful!

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  • DV - 2011-04-30
    You can not put two dory's in one tank. Trish
  • Anonymous - 2011-05-15
    Blue tangs will most likely get agressive towards each other when put in the same tank, especially if they are both actually males (despite the girl names).
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shelly - 2011-02-28
I have a 55 gal aquarium that I just went to from a 30 gal. The guy I bought it from had crushed shells and coral on the bottom so I left it. Now I wanted to go and get the scooter blenny that I have wanted so bad and was told no because it must have a sand bottom. Anyone out there that can tell me different?

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-03-01
    Add a layer of live sand. I have mixed it before and my blennies did just fine. Really do not recommend removing crushed shells because you already have all the established colonies in your existing substrate.
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june - 2012-02-29
I have just bought my second clark clown fish but it seems to be flapping at the bottom of the tank and moving all the sand into a mound. It's only done this since I've switched the lights out. Is there a reason for this please

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-02-29
    Clownfish love to dig and rearrange. Very normal behavior. Some say it could be away to mark their territory. If they are flapping at the bottom as if they are itchy, test your water right away.
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bonnie kalina - 2012-02-25
Heniochus black/white/yellow bannerfish/ butterflys elongated dorsal fin is losing the filament. Gray patches on banner. Fish not as active today and did not eat. Checked ammonia, nitrate, phosforus. All normal. I do 5 gallon water changes on 75 gal every other day. The fin still has half of the filament on and the other half is just a thin bare thread.


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