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Triggermad - 2009-04-11
I have a Picasso, a clown, a Queen and Jigsaw trigger all in the same tank. Yes they are all fairly terrortorial but without a doubt this species of Marine fish are the most interesting in the marine trade as they have wonderful personalities to match their flamboyant colourful exteriors.

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  • PhatPhish - 2010-05-19
    So for those of you wondering, I too have multiple triggers cohabiting together. Picasso, Sargassum, and Niger. The Picasso is the dominate one, but tolerates the others because it seems they are quicker than he. Their thinner bodies allow them to zip through the cracks with more accuracy, allowing them to get away when he chases them. But the funny thing is, they come right back out in the open, but keeping a close eye on him. These guys are so funny. I'm ordering a Golden Heart now to add to the mix.
  • PhatPhish - 2010-05-23
    I'm especially interested in your updates on how well these guys are existing together. I have a Picasso, Sarrgasum, and a Niger in the same tank. The Piscasso is the alpha dog of the three. The only aggression comes when the rocks are rearranged. That's when the fight for the best cave begins. He chases the others clear out of the way and chooses his favorite cave. Quiet a spectacle. However, after the caves have been established, things settle down and the coexist beautifully.
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michael - 2005-06-22
I was recently snorkling just off the coast of Destin Beach Florida and caught a baby spiny box fish. Might not have been the ethical thing to do, but I netted him and have returned him home to my marine aquarium, where he is housed with a similar sized porcupine puffer, 3 blue damsels and many snails, hermits and other small crabs. He seems more interested in the live seaweed and alagae at this point and I'm concerned about acclimating him to a proper diet. Any suggestions?

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  • Daniel - 2012-06-10
    My spiny boxfish was not eating so I read some replies on a couple forums, so I had cooked shrimp in my freezer. I pulled one out, thawed it and dropped it in the tank, he ate it immediately!!!! I was happy to see him eat. If yours likes it you should feed him about 3 times a day in smaller portions
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Anonymous - 2012-02-11
Alguien me puede ayudar estoy muy preocupado x qme acuario se ensucia mucho, le sale mucha cosa d color morado y manchas verdes y se las limpio y al sig dia otra vez . Le cambio el agua c/ 8dias y nada my anemona y blenny estan muy tristes porfavor aconsejenme.clownfish y yelowtail blue estan muy bien en el mismo acuario. Gracias.

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  • Alex Burleson - 2012-02-11
    ¡Hola! Es lamentable que usted está experimentando los problemas con tu acuario. Sin embargo, hay esperanza. Cambiar el 25% del agua cada 7 días, o una vez por semana. Asegúrese de que el acuario no está cerca de la luz del sol, y asegurarse de que la luz en el acuario, sólo lo hace durante 6-8 horas diarias. Ni más ni menos. Espero que esto ayude! Por favor, disculpe la calidad de mi español, soy un hablante nativo de Inglés.
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C.M.T. :-p - 2008-02-03
I currently have a baby bamboo shark. I haven't had it for much time, but this I know, they have an excellent sense of smell. I mean as soon as I drop the food in the tank, he knows. But I am trying to find him an owner because I can't keep him.

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  • Karl - 2012-06-10
    That is a shame that you have to rehome this shark. I have 7 of these as I rescue them and they are housed in trios in 10000 gallon ponds. If you struggle to find a home for it you can use me as a back up. Please email me if you have any questions or need some help with it. Kind regards Karl.
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Abby L. Schwarz, Ph.D. - 2004-11-24
I am a marine biologist specializing in animal behaviour and ecology, and have worked with fishes over the last twenty years. I do not believe that fishes like cleaner wrasses should be offered for sale. They belong in the ocean where they perform an unusual service for other fishes (removal of ectoparasites). Most people do not have the facilities to maintain these animals. If the aquarium surroundings cannot match its surroundings in the wild to a satisfactory degree (for the fish), choose another species whose requirements are simpler to meet.

Thank you.

Abby L. Schwarz, Ph.D.

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  • Joe Bryan - 2012-06-09
    For every comment I hear and see about these fish, be it from a “PHD” or layman, the answer does lie in the education of the consumer, but please don’t rag on the “newbie’s” or the consumer that purchases a cleaner wrasse, rag on the industry selling these beautiful fish. Yeah I have one too and if I had done my homework I would have elected not to purchase, but as stated by many on this form he/she is doing just fine and has outlive the PHD’s stated life expectancy by far. Funny thing is, months after I had bought it I asked the owner of the LFS (he didn’t sell it to me, his help did) about the survivability of these beautiful fish and he even said it wouldn’t survive, what the heck, so why are you selling em? So the point, get the trade to stop selling these fish for “profit”…
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roxy - 2012-05-10
yea we need help what kind of food do these fish eat were in 8th grade doing a project lol!!!!

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-05-10
    In the tank setting these fish will eat flake but will take a variety of things. If you click on the fish and go under feeding, it is all there.
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Robert Ruiter - 2011-03-27
Just got a Naso Tang for our 220 gallon tank and he looked pretty stressed on the way home, he is now hiding in our rock almost on his side. Any ideas on how to get him out and about?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2011-03-29
    Yeah he's sounding stressed. As long as no one is bothering him, you would probably be best to give him a day or so to come out on his own. Trying to force him out will only stress him more.
  • mm - 2012-05-27
    Had a question on the Naso we got one yesterday and got up this morning and he swam for a little but then as the day went on he just seemed to lay in the cave behind the rock then after a little he would move around and lay there again. We left and came back home and now we can't find him in the tank..
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Donovan H - 2012-05-17
Will they get along with watchmen gobys or firefish gobys?

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-05-18
    Should be fine. Every fish has it's own tempermate though.
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Alexandria - 2010-03-20
I have had both, and the picture shows a bluehead, not a lunar wrasse

Steve\'o - 2010-12-06
Have read your article on blue head wrasse, I have a question the past
week I have noticed my wrasses head area has faded from blue to very pale
with slight markings on head could you tell me is this some bacterial infection
or is this some other disease? There are no other markings on body fins all
look good fish still active and eating. Could this also be a form of lateral head disease? If so what is best treatment? Thanks for any help.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2012-05-08
    Wrasses can be quite variable in color. Males can be so deeply blue on the head that they almost look black, all the way to a pale gray. These wrasses will actually change color if there is more than one in the tank... with the less dominant fish turning female, and female coloration. But of course, do keep an eye on it and make sure your fish is eating and acting normally, and doesn't show any other sign of illness. As long as color is the only change you see, it is probably fine.

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