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Joe surf - 2012-03-18
I have a porcupine puffer his name is Spike. I love it they are fun and very social I feed mine krill and garlic. It helps build their immune system to help them from getting ick and keeps them healthy. It has eaten one of my blue led crabs they are cheap and it helps with their teeth. I enjoy that mine gets along with everything in my tank and only eats a crab every once in a while great fish. It is like a puppy for the tank

SpikesRules - 2010-08-26
We have a new porcupine-puffer, Mr. Spikey, and we are wondering how much he should be fed? It seems he will eat and eta, but since he is such a messy eater, I'm worried about our tank - although five days in, all the levels are okay. We have Krill, Bloodfish and Flakes (for the Damsels-2). He will eat the Krill and the Flake, not such a fan of Bloodfish! So, how much Krill should he get? Thanks!!

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  • Editor's Note - 2010-08-27
    In general, you should feed him about as much as he can eat in 5 minutes once or twice per day. It is pretty easy to overfeed, especially in marine aquariums and with fish that love to eat all you can give them! Feeding more often usually entails more frequent water changes which is fine if you don't mind doing it. It sounds like you have a great fish... enjoy!
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Tony - 2009-11-20
Not to be kept with abalone. It will nip on the abalone. It is safe with corals and a great fish to keep to keep certain pest in control.

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littlepooh0301 - 2011-03-08
I really love sharks! The atlantic great white shark is my world's most favorite salt-water fish.

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Brendan Cox - 2012-02-19
I just bought a yellow bellied dog faced puffer. It is very active at night, but during the day it just lays under a rock until feeding time. It has a healthy appetite. Is this normal?

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-02-20
    Very normal Brendan! They can be a bit shy when intoduced into a new tank. I use to hand feed mine krill with tongs to get them comfortable. Once comfortable they have amazing clownish personalities.
  • tom - 2012-08-16
    yes it is normal
Julie Skillman - 2012-07-02
I need help with my Dog face puffer! His mouth is open and he is showing his teeth and has a black swollen tongue? Could he have gotten bit in the mouth by one of my other fish? Or could it be his teeth are too long?

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  • tom - 2012-08-16
    His teeth are to long give him a clam or two
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John - 2012-08-15
I have a 2.5' long baby French Angel that I caught while snorkeling on a jetty at Padre Island, TX. I have it in a 20gal. Natural Gulf Tank (local live rock, natural local live sand, and natural Gulf seawater). It seems to be doing great and acclimated rapidly to my aquarium and recognizes me just two weeks after catching it! I love French Angels, they are so beautiful and fascinating.

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heather - 2012-08-09
Oceanic White Tip Reef shark for sale.

william brown - 2012-05-27
If anyone has any type of shark for sale I will buy please write me.

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  • heather - 2012-08-09
    I have a Oceanic White Tip Reef Shark for sale if interested.
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MaDdIeElIzAbEtH - 2011-02-03
I had this huge science project to do and its due tomorrow. I waited until last minute to do it because I have been sick. THANK YOU! I got all the information I needed!

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  • Mae - 2011-05-24
    omg! That is exactly what happened to me to and this site helped!
  • Neil Walker - 2012-08-04
    In my opinion Trish and Katie dont have a clue about fish keeping, anyways I'm absolutely certain that dory will start out in a shoal when young but gradually become isloated in the wild, so to assume that these fish are going to stay young forever and stay together long, is a mistake. They don't like their own species company at all and if you have a GIANT aquarium and have a couple or more 'blues' they are still never together, even though they don't fight, they should not be encountering each other so often. It is a mistake, a BIG one if u have a 180 gallon tank to keep two, It is a SHAME if you have two in a smaller reef. Shame on all of you in this forum if u keep two. By the way don't over feed them brine shrimp, my sis and all that because they primarily eat zoo plankton and Red or Purple Algae.

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