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craig warren - 2004-07-14
the flame angel looks nice in appearance but this has to have been the most annoying fish ive kept. it is very territorial especially when settled in the aquarium. i kept it with a zebra moray, porcupinefish, mimic tang, and shortfin lion. it would even boss the eel and puffer around they were near its prefered piece of rockwork. it is easy to keep but a bit of a waste of money as they are high priced.

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  • gabriel - 2012-06-17
    Yry to keep them on quarantine on a kritter keepers for 2 to 3 weeks to get them used to the other fish. We have had some problems with that type of stuff and it seems that this is the easy way to get rid of the problem. It made take some time but it works most off the time
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Collecting Clownfish - 2012-02-07
Wow lots of room! Sounds like this will be a very COOL tank once you slowly add your inhabitants! I noticed when my clowns do not have an anemone to host (which they do not need to live) if I make a little cave or cozy overhang, they will use that instead. Otherwise, hovering at the top is not a big deal, and they will adjust. They, at times like to "host" the heater or power-heads. No worries, just as long as they are not gasping for air, you are fine. With a tank that big, you can actually have another pair of clowns (not maroons, they are mean) like a pair of pink skunks, ocellaris, or clarkiis. Introduce the other pair into the other end of the tank. I had a 150 with 3 pairs of clowns, each had their own anemone and everyone was cool with each other. I had a pair of tomatoes, perculas and skunks.

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coree - 2012-01-14
Why don't you guys have a section for seahorses and pipefish? Some people might want one of those kind of fish.

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    N - 2005-09-04
    actually, it's humuhumu, not humahuma, and the full name is humuhumunukunukuapau'a. It is a Hawaiian fish and it refers specifically to the rectangular triggerfish (formerly the state fish of HI!). this comes to you from a Hawaiian. ~N

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    ben - 2006-07-18
    please do not keep this fish and a tank less than 6ft it will soon get white spot and will quickly perish. I KNOW!!

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    • Steve - 2011-01-14
      Ben, I know that these tangs are hard to keep, But you should check your care and tank systems. I have a Powder Blue tang that has been in a 30 gal. tank with clownfish and a Potters Angel for at least 2 years. If you don't have inverts and it only a fish tank try adding some copper, I use coppersafe and haven't seen a white spot since I got him two years ago. I know that my tank is small for a tang but this fish is beautiful and fat. I need to set up my 150 and give it some more room, but so far so good. Try the copper and good luck. It works, just keep in mind you can't keep inverts with copper. Steve
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    Danny - 2006-01-18
    Don't just pick the first one you see. They range from banana yellow to almost yellow. You definitely want to choose the darkest yellow. They grow up to look confusingly close to the lemon angel from afar. I love the colors they add. They are mostly passive and work well in small groups. They swim around a lot too.

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    Lachlan - 2008-10-24
    I purchased a six-line wrasse (medium size), and added it to my 130L tank which also had a mated pair of coral banded shrimp. The shrimp seemed a little uneasy with its presence, and would often fend it off. I was hoping it would pass, but later that night as I was watching one of the shrimp began to moult. The wrasse took advantage of the situation and ripped off one of its claws. I currently have the wrasse in isolation and will probably return it to the aquarium store tomorrow. Which is a shame as it is a beautiful fish to watch.

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    • Scott - 2010-03-14
      I recently added a six line wrasse to a tank that also has a coral banded shrimp, yellow goby, and 3 peppermint shrimp. The tank now only has one peppermint shrimp. Not sure if it is the wrasse or the coral banded having a feast on the peppermint shrimp - but be cautious.
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    Kieffer - 2007-09-16
    Do not buy this fish unless you wanna see action ... Like FISH GONE WILD kind of action! This fish has a Mike Tyson/Muhammad Ali complex and will kill anyone in his way. They become especially rabbid after a hearty meal, I guess they're mad at the other fish for eating too! They killed two of my fish, I learned the hard way, dont make the same mistake.

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    lakeyn - 2012-09-17
    I believe it mostly boils down to the specific fish & tank size. My Toby Puffer has been in a 110gal with my dwarf lionfish & blue damsel for a few years. NONE of the fish nip or have any other issues with one another. The smaller the tank, the more territorial fish are going to be, period. The order they are put into the tank can make a difference too. My damsel should be eaten by my lion, but because he was there first she yields to him & his territory. I love these little puffers, they are full of personality, but be careful - mine likes to jump out of the tank any chance he gets.

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    Frederick Boyce - 2012-09-15
    Can someone please identify the other moray in the photograph - the reddish one with the ocellated pattern?

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    • Clarice Brough - 2012-09-17
      Moray Eels are very difficult to id... but my best guess is that they are all Gymnothorax kidako, or Chain Link Morays.


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