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E. Holmes - 2014-08-25
I just purchased one today and I must say that it is a stunning fish to have in the tank. If you want to keep one, make sure your tank is large enough and you have plenty of rockwork for it to hide in. It doesn't come out much because that's not in it's nature, but when it does....WOW!

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rob fusco - 2009-01-30
Well, I just bought an bamboo shark egg about two days ago. I am waiting for it to hatch. I presently have a 90 gallon tank with about 60 lbs of rock and a few corals, but in about a week I am getting a 265 gallon reef ready setup from a friend who lost intrest in it. I plan on having the tank built into a fake wall in my basement that is being finished off. This will be my first shark so hopefully things go well for me. He/she will be living with a blonde naso tang, a cole tang, powder blue tang, a yellow tang, and a scribbled rabbit. Wish me luck and possible other sharks to come in the future. My 90 gallon will remain in my master bedroom.

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  • Jon - 2010-08-10
    I am a master in the shark field and study them in very large tanks. I would not recommend you keep sharks with other fish. Sharks can be very aggressive towards other fish. Be very cautious of your fish tank and I hope everything gets along well.
  • jim D. - 2014-08-13
    i am also thinking of getting a shark . i heard tangs tend to pick at the sharks eyes.i have a 250 gal going back together because of leak,leak repaired.have snow flake eel,niger trigger,2 large clown fish.Lost large lion&sailfin tang.Running a sump system with ehiem protien skimmer,anything else i may need.OH and plenty of live rock.Remaining fish in quarintine tank at moment.
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Lakeland - 2011-10-11
My banded snake eel won't eat and I can't put the food front of home cause he is under the sand or swimming away from it

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  • Rajashekar - 2014-08-08
    Wow! What a great looking chair you've got Luna! And a great place to keep check on enityrhevg -- without being too obvious! Look forward to checking in on you next week.Sam Schnauzer
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Jaival Parikh - 2013-01-26
Hello Can i keep 8-10 yellow tang together in same tank, my stocking list plan is as follows 8-10 yellow tang 8-10 bangai cardinal 2 percula Clean up crew That should be it. Tank size is 7ftX3ftX2.5ft with a 5X2X2 feet sump Thanks

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2013-01-26
    8-10 tangs alone need a much bigger tank.  They need plenty of places to bed down at night to sleep.  I would get a much bigger tnak or cut down to 2 tangs.
  • Anonymous - 2013-02-15
    good luck with that
  • Daniel Bleier - 2014-08-01
    8-10 tangs would be far too many in a tank that size. My tank is 7'x2'x2' and I house 1 yellow, 1 purple, and 1scopas tang and trust me that is the limit. They have been ok for 3 years now but still show aggression at least twice a week.
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Fishnerd2000 - 2014-03-25
Would it be a good idea if I were to get a sixline wrasse with my two tomato clowns, African red starfish and snowflake eel? I've always wanted one and I also might add one or two Niger triggers to my tank. I have a 55gal. Please answer soon I'll be on next at about 11:00am tomorrow please answer before then. Thanks.

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  • Anonymous - 2014-07-27
    I have 1 with my two oce clowns should be good
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Brett - 2014-07-08
I bought a 2' white stripe tank raised. This little guy is very territorial and chases fish twice his size if they swim by 'his' shell. Don't keep them with shrimp or small brittle stars. Anything that moves in and outside of the tank he has to check out. Eats everything I have offered and quickly learned to recognize me as the food source, pacing the front glass when I am in the room. This fish will stress out most passive tank mates with the speed of his eating to the point they will not feed or get enough food. I have only had him for a month but he has already become my favorite fish.

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Rick - 2012-11-08
I bought my Emperor Angelfish about 2 months ago and since day 1 he/she has been happy. Its a 2 inch juvenile that rooms with a coral beauty/Bi-color Angelfish, Yellow tang, 2 clowns, 2 Blennys, and a engineer/Firefish Goby. 150 IBS of live rock with plenty of hiding spots and plenty of flow/filtration with only Rodi water changes. The only downside to this scenario is that while my Juvenile leaves my soft/hard corals alone, its only in a 75 gallon reef tank which I will have to upgrade to 150 Gallon sometime soon! Have tests for everything you could think of, took a while to master keeping levels accurate however the satisfaction of figuring it out shows in my fish and my corals! Just hoping Juvenile still will mature and turn to adult colors in this scenario before I eventually change to 150 Gallon in the next year or so.. Completely love this Emperor, lots of personality already!!

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  • Collecting Clownfish - 2012-11-28
    Glad to know you will be putting him in a larger tank and you are watching water parameters! Good for you! So many people buy these beautiful fish and wonder why they die in only 2 to 4 years. It is all due to stress and small tank size. If you can afford closer to 200 gallons that would be even better but minimum really is 180 gallons.... old literature seems to undersize tanks for these big fish, but you seem to really love your angelfish, so just something to think about! (being big eaters and poopers a larger tank is actually easier to keep balanced too and I am all for that with my own tank!) Oh, the coloring they get as adults is more intense if the tank is very large from what I understand. Have fun!!
  • Rick - 2013-04-20
    I'm asking for trouble! So far everything is still great, my juvenile emperor is as happy per my last e-mail along with another roommate.. lol. Not my fault, friend of mine went crazy and bought a Juvenile Blue angel after only having his set up running for 3 months and his Juvenile Blue angel almost died however I put him in my quarentine tank for about 1 week and he looked good then I got stupid and decided to put him in my main tank and to my surprise there was no aggression towards my Juvenile Emperor (same size) or my Dwarf angels/Yellow Tang, I know in time this will change.. My wife is going to kill me but I must upgrade to a bigger tank very soon instead of a couple years.... ughhhhhhh... I actually run 2 skimmers and a Aquafuge2 refugium on the back of my 75 gallon reef tank and all levels are near perfect! I also do 5 gallon water changes every week.. However that being said, my days are numbered for this beautiful set up I have spent so much time on.
  • Rick - 2013-05-11
    My upgrade is done. I have recently transferred all my livestock over to a 210 Gallon aquarium. My juvenile emperor & Blue angel will be happy now! I also still have a yellow tang, coral beauty, bi-color angel, pygmy angel, neon & orchid dottyback, engineer goby, firefish goby, 2 clown fish and many different corals. Now I need more live rock!!!
  • Rick - 2014-07-07
    Back again, my last reply was in 2012 on this blog. I'm just touching base and updating anyone who cares to listen that my Emperor Angel that I purchased almost 2 years ago (as a Juvenile 2 inches) is now almost 6 inches and finally turning into adult colors. For those of you who get this Angel small you better be patient and educate yourself every day about this hobby and your fish. Since my last reply I decided to upgrade to a 210 reef in 2013 and used my 75 gallon as a sump (DIY sump). I then purchased a Calcium Reactor not long after that and last but not least purchased a very strong and capable skimmer (Up to 500 gallons). OMG, I think I stare at my skimmer more then my main display tank, lol.. Anyhow my Emperor is doing great and my Blue Angel (Introduced at same time as Emperor) has already changed over to adult colors and is beautiful! I also have a yellow Tang, 2 clowns, engineer goby, Bi-color angel, Pygmy angel, 6 line wrasse, neon dottyback, and 3 chromis that all live in harmony. Granted my Blue angel and Emperor tend to argue sometimes but nothing to dramatic, lol.. I also have numerous SPS corals growing along with some hammers and birdsnest corals which none of these fish touch. It took over 3 years to accomplish this and it definitely didn't happen over night. I spent a lot of money (Ask my wife) and countless hours googling/educating myself on all factors of this hobby and carma eventually comes around but my god did I have my fair share of issues! I made the mistake of buying a used 210 and tested it with water filled for 48 hours and no signs of a leak then after tank had been active for 3 months I came home from dinner to water leaking out of my 210 an inch every hour! OMG, thank god I didn't start my 75 gallon sump yet.. I was very lucky and never lost any fish or coral and then purchased tank brand new and now its been running over a year now with no issues. Well, that's my story. I hope all of you that take the time to read this and are passionate about this hobby will understand the importance of being patient and letting things work it self out, take care my reef maniacs and until next time enjoy that small bit of the Atlantic/Pacific Ocean we can dream of putting in our home!
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anyone - 2011-07-14
I have this fish with arowana and flowerhorn
but no problem arise till now.

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  • Anonymous - 2014-07-06
    It's a saltwater fish?
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Janet Haertle - 2013-10-01
I just started my first saltwater aquarium and I have different varieties. I have one that is not very active and sits at the bottom of the tank but what impressed me is the neon damsel is coaxing that little one to swim. The neon damsel floats down to it with its tail fin and gives it a little nudge to make it swim. I thought that was really neat. The neon damsel is trying to help it stay alive is what it looks like to me.

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  • rofer - 2014-07-04
    Try turning off filters before and some time after feeding. My damsels all stayed at bottom until I did this. If you have dominoes they're the toughest of any I ever had kept.
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Mia - 2014-07-03
Dear readers, My name is mia! I absolutely ADORE sharks especially great whites. They rule the sea!!!! One time when I was in mexico beach I saw a huge commotion down by the pier so I sprinted down there to see what was all the haps, ending up being a young boy around age 13-14 had caught a baby hammerhead shark! It was the cutest thing in the world and as much as I wanted to keep him or her (personally I think the sweet baby was a she) I knew she had to go back to her mother :))) Hope we can chat sometime more! Peace love sharks.


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