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Tanya Severson - 2011-10-07
We had two clowns and then we got a Green BTA and the next day on of our clowns was hosting it. She lays in it and wiggles like crazy. she brings it food and keeps other fish away. Sometimes she lets the male go by it. It was exciting that our tank raised clowns hosted so fast. we have a Rose BTA in our other tank and hope that when we get clowns they host as easily as the ones in the other tank. We got the clowns from our local Petco store and they came fully equipped with ick. Thankfully our water quality is near perfect and we have awesome lighting. We did a water change and syphoned the bottom really well and we haven't seen any ick since. Very tough, hardy fish. Love them!

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leslie [spud] - 2008-06-29
i have two damsels [two years old]. they have gotten on fine with each other and all of the other fish. one seems to be turning grey [almost see-through] or silver at times. seems healthy. any feedback would be appreciated.

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  • Brenda - 2010-05-10
    Mine is turning grey also. I thought something was wrong with him. Maybe not?
  • Rebecca - 2010-12-06
    I have two and one of mine has been turning grey and was swimming in front of the other one funny, then i read somewhere that they could be a pair, making the one that turns grey the male. . . . They might be trying to breed. .
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Missa-naples fl - 2009-08-19
My clownfish Killah is a very personable fish. I was at first reluctant to get him because of the possibility of him contaminating my entire tank if he gets sick or dies. For 3 months I saw him at the store and took a chance. I love him! He is a very personable boy, and follows me around the room from inside the tank. He is hand-fed, and actually likes it when you rub his side. He is THE most gentle fish I have in the tank and right now I have a snowflake eel, a coral beauty, a volitans lionfish and a comet. Killah spends most of his time staring at me from the corner of the tank, and swims with his forehead sticking up from the top of the water. He is the largest fish by far in my tank and has not once attempted to eat any of his tankmates, and actually gets along very well with the coral beauty and the comet.

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  • Clint - 2010-03-07
    How big is Killah? I heard they grow 5-6" and also heard 12-14" It`s a good looking grouper, but I want one that will stay on the smaller side
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Linnea Rainford - 2007-03-05

My name is Linnea Rainford (just like the fish!). When I first heard about this fish, I was amazed! It seems that not only is my last name the name of a town in England (The Town of Rainford), and the Rainford University, but now a fish too! This fish is an absolutely fascinating subject. I have a huge love for pet fish, and am the very proud owner of several freshwater fish tanks. Being only 15 years old, I'm not exactly rich, but I would love to start a salt-water fish tank. I will be very happy if I can find a petstore (in Ontario) where I could start a saltwater tank for cheap.

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  • julio mendez - 2011-07-12
    Linnea, my name is Julio Mendez. I live very far from Ontario. Miramar Fl. I have been doing this 20+ years dont know if you ever set up your saltwater tank. But if you did butterflys they arer very challenging fish. I personally like them just because of that challenge. But anyway when it comes to butterflys make sure to see the fish eating before purchasing.
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GARF lover - 2006-09-28
My chromis fishes have very unique personalities. The larger green one seems to pick on the smaller blue one. The green chromis has gone to the point in which he's bitten the top part of the fin of the blue chromis. They also hide behind the coral whenever I walk by my tank. Ive seen chromis adults 8in long in my local petstore.

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  • Anonymous - 2010-02-25
    No, not 8 inches
  • Anonymous - 2012-07-14
    Were they the same species of chromis?
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Pam - 2012-02-22
I am so upset. Put my new copperband buttterfly in my reef tank yesterday. He seemed fine and my snowflake went up, bit him and then grabbed him and pulled him down!!!!

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Dhritiman Datta - 2007-02-18
I think, instead of buying large butterfly and angelfish, it will be wise to buy small and make them grow in our aquarium. Large fishes are more delicate and get stressed easily. However I may be wrong. But according to me 'Always buy small fishes'.....

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  • Jay bird - 2012-02-05
    God the fish are so much money, your better off buying a bigger fish for the money, it's always a 50/50 chance anyway.
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Sanchez - 2004-09-15
I have bought one Klein butterflyfish from the local marine fish shop, and I have to say that I have fallen in love with this fish.
It is not only hardy, but also clever and cute. I used to put the live Athemias in the strainer and feed my fishes with holding Athemias in the strainer, and suddenly a Klein butterflyfish got into the strainer to eat Athemia, so I could feel his movement, I could really play with him. I recommend beginners to buy this fish. In my opinion, it is fairly pretty. His colour would change to be a bit dull at night time. Now I also have other species of butterflyfish, Angelfish, Clownfish, Wrasses, Tangs, Cardinal, Dottyback as his tankmates, and they can cope well.

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  • Anonymous - 2011-02-26
    Mine is eating my corals I hate him for that.
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Callum - 2007-12-01
I've seen quite a few of these fish in the wild. I come from Australia but I live south of the great barrier reef. They are funny to watch when snorkeling. I hope to get one in my marine tank i'm getting soon.

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Dhritiman Datta - 2007-07-21
This is a great fish. I have kept them in a pair for many years. This fish should be bought when it is grown up as young specimens contain less fat in their body, and if it takes time to start eating, then it may be a problem.


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