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Julia Gardner - 2005-03-12
I was fortunate to purchase a pair of Cinnamons. The store associate said that she has never seen a nicer coloring of the two. They exhibit some rare colorings for Cinnamons. Their anal fins are all black and their dorsal fin is orange. I am pleased with my pair and hope that with right conditions in the tank,they will mate. I had to buy two anemones, long tentacled, because I only had one and the female was very aggressive about protecting it. Now with the second one, the male has his own that he tends to and the female will join him in caring for it. I also have a pair of Ocellaris, however, they were tank bred.

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  • David Brough - 2012-11-17
    Wow... you scored! I would love to be around a pair of breeding clownfish. I sure hope they mate for you.
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Joe Simpson - 2012-11-15
I have a Blue Ribbon eel in his juv state so he is still black. He use to attack anything I gave him and he has become less aggresive but still eats. I am wondering if any of you know where one can buy a female BRE. any help would be appricated. joe

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Liam - 2012-07-30
How do I get salt water? And do I need a special kind of filter for it?

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-08-01
    You normally mix your own salt water using aquarium salt and a hydrometter to measure the salinity.  Filter depend on size of tank and what you are doing.  A wet/dry system is the norm.
  • person - 2012-11-12
    Exactly how much salt (1,2,3 cups?) do they need, and can u feed them dead/cooked shimp?
  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-11-12
    The bag will tell you how much to add.  Make sure to get a salinity meter to assure you have and maintain the right salinity.  You can feed uncooked shrimp.
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Jb - 2012-11-01
What are some picasso trigger fish tank mates for a 75 gallon fish only tank?

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-11-02
    Some great choices out there; snowflake eels, smaller groupers, lionfish,  larger clown and other as long as not too small.  Triggers can turn at any time.
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katie - 2010-05-29
I have had 2 blue tangs in my tank for 3 weeks. And I know 1 of them is really stressed but the other is always hiding behind the rocks and isn't coming out to feed because the other one that is stressed, when the one isn't feeding it wants to come out from behind the rocks but it can't because of the one that is stressed is chasing after it to get back behind the rocks. Why isnt it coming out and feeding?

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  • Pete - 2011-06-18
    You are only supposed to keep one on its own. They are solitary fish
  • Pete - 2012-02-06
    Thats why why you should keep one per tank.
  • claire - 2012-03-02
    We have 2 in our tank and they never fight and they swim together, never any problems. So it is possible to have 2 per tank!
  • Mike - 2012-03-09
    Two or more are fine in a tank if introduced at the same time. Its even better if they are introduced together at a younger age. I have have had two in my tank for over two years with no problems. Also make sure your tank is not too small and not overcrowded.
  • kyle corrin - 2012-10-15
    I have a 3ft tank can i keep a yellow tang and a powder tang together if i introduce them small and at the same time.
  • playdoc - 2012-11-01
    No.3ft. is normally about 25-40 gallons, and Blue Tangs need 75 gallons for one or two.
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Dian - 2010-10-27
My panther grouper is about 7 years old now. Over the last couple of weeks he kind of stopped eating, he now seems to be in a stuck position of being bend kind of sideways. He can maneuver about and all fins are working fine - other than being stuck in this position he is kind of o.k. - but is probably ill - Parasite? I know he is old, but how long do they live in captivity? He has been a special pet to me - like a dog in a fish tank, does anyone know if there is anything I can do - or do you think it is time?

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  • CosmicOps - 2012-10-31
    Well it can't be swim bladder disorder, since groupers don't have one. It could be some kidney disorder caused by improper (long term) salinity:if you have the (bad) habit of keeping your fish at 1,021 to 1,023. Most Groupers can live several decades. As a rule of thumb: keep your fish only tank at the same salinity as reef tanks, 1,025-1,026 should be fine. Of course small or crowded tanks may please the keeper but prove to be lethal to the inhabitants. There should be less excentrism and more responsability in the hobby (which applies to all). Of course your grouper could also encounter liver damage caused (amongst other things) by a blood worm diet or other. Blood worms are considered to cause fatty degeneration in fish's liver. So any food with a fatty concentration should be avoided. Good Luck!!
  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-10-31
    Have water conditions changed at all?   Maybe try feeding dried krill with tongs?  Added any new tankmates in the past couple weeks??
some fish lover! - 2009-10-24
I have a panther grouper with a pink-tailed triggerfish, a clown triggerfish, a picasso triggerfish, and a yellow tang and they get along fine. I have them in a 30 gallon tank and they hardly ever fight. I love mine so you should to!

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  • mike - 2010-06-14
    I had a panther grouper with a blue trigger and he has bit all the top fin off and I had to pull it out to die rather than let him eat it as he kept rolling on top of it shame in a 33 gallon tank.
  • CosmicOps - 2012-10-31
    Great News... However they are all huge fish (15 to 50 inches). You should encompass the idea of setting up a 200 gallon tank... minimum... (no joke). Man would they ever be happy!
  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-10-31
    Do yourself a favor and get a much larger tank.  These fish will get very large.  They may not be fighting but they will not be able to be maintained for long.
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joe - 2010-02-22
When I was scuba diving, I saw one of these moray eels and it was close to 6 feet! They are one big eel.

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-10-26
    They are amazing eels.  Many in popular dive areas will see divers as a great source to get food.  And will take food right from divers.
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Callum - 2007-12-07
I saw one of these beautiful little while guys snorkeling today. I live in northern N.S.W, but they are along most of the Australian east coast. Extremely shy fish.

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Anonymous - 2012-02-01
Hi, I found one of these at for $29.99 and thought it looked cool but I have never had a saltwater aquarium. I was thinking about trying to breed them by buying 3(it would also get me free shiping) and maybe turn the water brakish or something to incourage breeding. How big of a tank would I need to do this and would it also be a good idea to change the decor in the tank as the water becomes less salty?

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-10-24
    Are you looking at Freshwater Lionfish or the shortfin lionfish selected?  These are not the best fish to start with when doing a saltwater tank.  They can deliver an inexperienced fishkeeper a nasty sting.  To do what you are talking about you would need atleast a 100 gallon tank and I am not understanding why you would reduce the salinity.  But I may be confused on which lionfish you are talking about.

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