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Dave - 2003-08-22
Two things:

First, love your site, very informative and well done.

Second, the unidentified "cleaner fish" looks to be a remora, probably Echeneis naucrates. It is more commonly known as the "sharksucker" Remora.

Again, thanks for the great site!

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Kim - 2003-08-21
We just bought one...great little fish. He swims to the top of the tank every time he sees me and takes the krill from my fingers! He does puff up occasionally, for no apparent reason. This seems to take a lot of his energy, and he usually rests motionless in this state.

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tim - 2003-08-20
I have kept a few banded cat sharks within the last year. They don't seem to grow as fast a I thought they would. Even though mine didn't grow that fast I still had to get rid of them because they were to big for my 65gal tank. I work at a pet store in new jersey and I took the baby banded cats home and raised them for customers who would be able to take proper care of these cool creatures.

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Ron - 2003-08-20
Definitely one of the best looking clowns available. In my area the price for maroons runs high (20+ range), but it is well worth it. He (or she) is entertaining to watch, and a good addition to the tank. Easily takes to a maroon (aka Ritteri) anemone.

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Trevor - 2003-08-17
I dont find these fish aggresive at all Ive had them before, for 2-3 years and have never found them aggresive. In fact Ive had them being picked on and or just left alone.

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Frank Kovacs - 2003-08-17
This fish was added to my reef a few months ago and has been proven to be the hardest working algae grazer in my tank. He is non-stop all day long on the glass, sandbed and live rock. Awesome fish!

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mzinn - 2003-08-14
You may want to add that this eel is the classic "fish eater" - Has the characterisc teeth for flesh versus crushing things open

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Tina - 2003-08-07
Perculas are great! Happy little additions to almost any s/w tank! Mine were tank raised, and are absolutely the most friendly little guys ive ever seen! Easy to feed, easy to keep clean! 10 out of 10 as a Pet!!

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john - 2003-08-07
I have had no problems with my Flame Hawkfish.He has been in my tank for three months and has adapted well to frozen foods and aquariam life.

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Ryan Saunders - 2003-08-04
My Panther puffer looks like a Twin of the one in the picture. However,it mostly hangs at the surface of the tank,when they are bottom dwellers.Is there something wrong with it? THANKS!


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