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bill fairless - 2003-09-09
Pink spot goby is superb easy to keep fish. Watch out mine unfortunately jumped out of the tank overnight through a very narrow slot in tank and killed itself.

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Kevin Jordan - 2003-09-06
Very pleased to say that i captured a specimen of this butterfly.
location : Durban, North Pier, South Africa.
Date of capture : 31st August 2003.
Size : approx 6cm in length.
Method of capture : Snorkel,mask and hand held net. Regulations here do not allow for capture of fish with scuba gear. ( licence is required to capture and keep local marine specimens )

comment : Local name as per Smiths Fishes is a Gorgeous Gussy. I put the fish into my main display tank shortly after arriving home from the dive, within two hours the fish was pecking at the Tetra-bits i had put in the tank.
The following morning the fish was eating a bit of the Tetra-bits, six days later he has made his presence in the tank well known to the other occupants and fights vigorously
for food.

Kevin Jordan
Email :

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rick wheeler - 2003-09-05
My blue face angel does very well. the secret to keeping
one is to watch it at the pet store for a week or two.
If it keeps its color after 2 weeks, its usually ok. I
keep a emperor, blue face, and yellow bar together, and
the blue face is my favorite.

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Lindsay - 2003-09-05
I had intended my blue damsel just as a starter fish , but as time progressed I became fond of the little starter fish. I do not have a large tank , so adding another fish is not an option. I am not sure whether to keep the damsel or the get another fish. Any advise would be helpful.


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Stephan Holland - 2003-09-03
I am just getting back into saltwater fishkeeping after about 12 years. I now live in Guam and have been able to see many of the fish I used to own in their natural environment, including this guy! The flamehawk was my favorite fish when fishkeeping. Like any fish, pay a lot of attention to the individual when purchasing. My flame hawk had a great personality and was not shy at all. He would track your movements as you walked around the room, and if you tapped your finger in a corner of the tank, he would come down to investigate. This outwardness was noticeable at the store, so choose carefully!

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cory - 2003-09-02
my name is cory and i think clownfish are cut.

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Amber - 2003-08-31
They are very easy to keep and not much work is needed to keep them alive

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mark - 2003-08-26
I have had Cyrus for nearly 3 months now in a 140 gal tank with sand bottom and a small stack of live rock around the drain to the sump. He has become very skilful moving around the tank and enjoys gliding through the rocks. It took nearly a week (distressing as he is such a stunning creature) before he began to eat, and he will now take small prawns from my hand. He is not so interested in fish but does eat squid and cracks open shellfish and crabs sometimes. I just wish I could give him a bigger tank - one day I hope to donate him to our local marine park. He shares the tank with a blue swimmer crab (rescued from a local seafood restaurant, but her mate died before arrival) a clown fish and several small crustaceans. Originally built for an octopus, but Cyrus was too beautiful to pass by.

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Anonymous - 2003-08-26
I have a bamboo shark in a 180 gallon tank,and i have found that they cannot stand high levels of ammonia it causes burns that make the fish turn red also i have found that using sand instead of gravel and putting no decorations in the tank is the best way to go cause these sharks will brush up against things and get scrapes and then they are really vulnerable to infections i always make sure my ph level is at 8.1 and salinty at 1.021.

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carol - 2003-08-25
I have had my Naso well over a year. I feed her fresh shimp,clam,algee and brine cubes and pellet foods. She is beautiful!


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