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fgcyrofcgustav - 2004-01-12
yellow tangs are fun!

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Anonymous - 2004-01-08
very good web site

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Shawn Adams - 2004-01-04
Sexing devilfish is easy. The males have a yellow tail - not as pronounced as a yellow-tail damsel, it is a gradual change that begins about halfway down the tail. Both male and female have a black dot on the dorsal fin, which is an easy way to verify that you are getting a male devil and not a yellow-tail.

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Chad - 2003-12-16
Very easy to keep. Shy at first, but once established swims in the open. Great addition to any tank.

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shevy - 2003-12-11
Previous comment about being a Vlamingi Tang is way off. Lopezi Tang does great on zooplankton diet. However, this is one tang in the unicorn family that will not grow a horn. Couple of my customers have these tangs that are 8"+ and neither have sprouted even a knob on their head.

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Dan Haber - 2003-12-11
I bought a young clown tang a couple of months ago. It has about doubled in size, and just now starting to show some aggressive tendencies. But the odd thing about the fish is that it has become translucent. You can see the abdominal sack clearly as silver. Also, you can see the bone structure. I have never seen anything like this in a tang before. Has anyone else?

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MIKE BROWN - 2003-12-04
Just to say that this site is very informative, but I do want to
let anyone with a nurse shark should no that this species is very
capable of eating large tankmates. Mine had no problem eating several
tankmates near the same size, including a 2 foot snowflake morray
eel, lunar wrasse, clown tang, greenwolf eel. keep this in mind when
going to get your new shark.


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Bryan Gaines - 2003-11-28
My Naso Tang is a beautiful fish. I just bought it a few days ago and I noticed that it was not eating, and I became nervous. I experimented with all types of foods - frozen, live, flakes and green seaweed and he just ignores it. Finally I tried some purple seaweed and he devours it.I hope that this information can be helpful to those who are having the same problem.

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lvt - 2003-11-23
i just recently got a percula and i think they are awesome! Finding Nemo was great and made me decide to get my own nemo.

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garret - 2003-11-16
these fish are great! your website really helped me out. thanks a bunch!


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