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David Johnson - 2004-03-02
I am rather new to the saltwater hobby, (13 months),so I am still learning about new species and their compatibility. One such species I was very impressed with was the Falco Hawkfish. I enjoyed watching this fish sit on my live rock and watch his environment like a little old man. My joy lasted all of two weeks as one by one my turbo snails started to go from active tank cleaners to empty shells. Two additional weeks past and my "bad feeling" about my new pet was confirmed when my beloved cleaner shrimp disappeared. I still think the hawk was cool but, BEWARE. Please read all info on this site on compatibility BEFORE you get one, unless you will not keep ANY TYPE of snail or shrimp.

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jessica sanchez - 2004-03-01
These fish ae very beautiful and interesting to study about.

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Alysa Kasdorf - 2004-02-29
Your peoples web site really helped me do my project on the my "Queen Trigger" THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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cally ho - 2004-02-26
u will love them & their color too!

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anthony - 2004-02-25
I recently purchased this marbled catshark and love the attention my friends give to its presence.

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Urey W. Patrick - 2004-02-24
I have kept one of these orange-shoulder tangs for the past four years. I think it is probably one of the hardiest tangs I have ever kept - the fish eats greedily - flakes, brine shrimp, blood worms, pressed alga sheets, silver sides - whatever is in the water. It is a very easy keeper - very docile temperament. I have never seen this fish aggressive against others, or hostile to new additions to the tank - unlike my yellow tang who is very territorial. I would recommend acquiring a juvenile, and then you have the pleasure of watching it metamorphose into the adult coloration.

The fish will utilize the entire tank - constantly swimming and exploring. I have not seen mine graze - they seem to feed just on what I put in the water, plus the pressed alga held in a clip. They prefer green over brown or red. I have had one in a 75 gallon, moved to a90 gallon, and now have a young one in my 130 gallon. This is a great fish to add to your tank - and reef safe, in my experience.

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Wilberto strada - 2004-02-23
This fish is a very sensitive fish. It is always hiding. And it gets sick and/or stressed out very easily.

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anonumos - 2004-02-21
These fish mostly swim at the top of the aquarium

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chico - 2004-02-15
...the beauty of the SHORTFIN LIONFISH.............its beauty is in its oddness of appearance. Chico..2004 feb.14th.

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Anonymous - 2004-02-08
Did you know that these puffers can be kept in freshwater


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