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Dory - 2004-03-15
hi i would just like to say that your site has been useful to my learning thank you.i would also like to say that most blue tangs are wonderfully beautiful and make good pets.i hope to get one my self sometime in my lfe.

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matthew - 2004-03-14
I love these fish, but I am not quite sure if they are easy or not.

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Aaron - 2004-03-10
I love my purple tang. If you can find one, I would recomend getting one. One of my favorite fish ever.

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Rick - 2004-03-08
Yes, I have noticed the change colors too. It scared me actually. I just set my tank up 2 days ago and yesterday I put in these guys. This morning when I woke up I rushed to do a head count to make sure they were all okay when I saw one fish in the corner, he was a blackish purple and I thought he was sick. After testing my salinity, he moved from the corner to the middle of the tank and he was back to being blue again. They are very nice looking fish!

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monkey - 2004-03-07
wow! these fish are really great.

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schar1 - 2004-03-06
very pretty fish for a reef system..But very aggressive....

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Josh - 2004-03-05
The Naso lopezi you have listed on your website is surely a Naso Vlamingi in sub adult coloration.

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Grace - 2004-03-03
This site is great! I am tring to find an eel to fit the tank my teacher owns, but nothing seems to fit the tank. I read this site and now I might have found the correct eel to fit the tank! Thank You!

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tishan - 2004-03-02
i like what you have said , can you tell me more about them

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David Johnson - 2004-03-02
I am rather new to the saltwater hobby, (13 months),so I am still learning about new species and their compatibility. One such species I was very impressed with was the Falco Hawkfish. I enjoyed watching this fish sit on my live rock and watch his environment like a little old man. My joy lasted all of two weeks as one by one my turbo snails started to go from active tank cleaners to empty shells. Two additional weeks past and my "bad feeling" about my new pet was confirmed when my beloved cleaner shrimp disappeared. I still think the hawk was cool but, BEWARE. Please read all info on this site on compatibility BEFORE you get one, unless you will not keep ANY TYPE of snail or shrimp.


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