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Mick - 2004-04-25
I have a bamboo shark which just hatched a couple of hours ago in Glasgow, Scotland, all seems fine and he is sitting at the bottom of the tank behind the rock, any tips on feeding and caring for my new pet gratefull received.... his pals are clowns, regal tang, yellow tang, coral beauty and mandarin fish

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Rach - 2004-04-23
I have a pair of Tropical Marine Centre black percula clowns and the female is quite boisterous and fights our beautiful flameback angelfish.The male is perfectly cool.

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Tom Jorden - 2004-04-22
ok i do not personally keep these fish, but i plan to. I have read that the males have yellow pectoral fins, and females have white

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KENJI HIRAI - 2004-04-18
I love have one of these sharks because there small and very easy to take care of . Note:THIS SHARK IS THE ULTIMANTE SALT WATER FISH!!!!!!

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Anonymous - 2004-04-18
They are GREAT!!

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Rach - 2004-04-14
My flame hawk is not at all shy he is my favourite fish and i call him flameo i love him so much ,he is an acrobat! HE LOVES following my fingers and he spends some of his time staring at me when were eating!!

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Rachel Dixon - 2004-04-14
I have had my beautiful yellow tang for nearly 2 years, he has done so well,from 2 inches to 5!

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anthony - 2004-04-13
I bought mine and dump it into the aquarium.
It appeared very stressed and kept swimming around nervously.
It fed on the live tiny catfish which i threw in.

Tank was clear when i went to bed.
When i woke up all marine lifeforms were dead and aquarium was filled with a whitish fluid. Only survivors were corals, anemone, anemone crab and moray eel.

The next day i bought one more. same thing happened. this will be my last porcupine. *sad*

kyle - 2004-04-12
I just bought a porcupine puffer at petco. he's about 4+1/2 - 5 inches long and for the first day he hid under a piece of coral but then he started swimming around. I am hoping he will be compatable with a green wolf eel and a spiney box puffer. I was looking at purchasing them soon!

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mel - 2004-04-11
I have one of these little guys, alone in a 10 gallon, I like him alot. Hes got a great curious personality and is extremely easy to care for, and pretty to boot.


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