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Keisha - 2004-08-25
My longhorned cowfish is most unique fish I have ever seen. He is pleasant and fun to watch. I shared his picture with all my friend!

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Audi - 2004-08-10
We have had Lonnie for 3 1/2 years. She has been a wonderful addition to our aquarium and our lives. Although she is a fish, she is very smart, will eat out of our hands, and responds to her name. I would very highly recommend this species to anyone.

Audi and John 2004 08-10

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Vivek Sharma - 2004-08-05
We just got a brown banded bamboo shark. It is young. It likes to dig in the sand. It swims a lot through out the tank, but it likes to stay at the bottom.

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john - 2004-08-01
One of my favourite tangs. A must have for any marine tank! Does not take traveling well, and rather delicate at first. but once settled, with good quality water, it can be the star of the aquarium for a long time! Very lively fish too, always on the move. I never had a really aggressive one but it can be rather territorial with other tangs.

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mark - 2004-07-27
I had a porcupine puffer about 7 inches long when I introduced a Green Wolf Eel approx 5 inches long. The puffer is always curious about tank mates but has never shown aggression towards the wolf, they get along fine.

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Andrea - 2004-07-27
I just bought a Naso Tang today....He is a beautiful fish, but I hear they can get up to 20 inches. Hopefully my 125 gallon tank is adequate for him. I also have a Yellow Tang, so I have been watching to make sure they get along...wish me luck!

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Andrea - 2004-07-27
I have had my yellow tang for about 7 months. He is an awesome fish. I have named him "jaundice" because of his yellow color. Hahahha...(jaundy for short). I absolutely love him as much as anyone could love a pet!!

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Craig - 2004-07-26
this one of my favourite fish to keep. it is pretty good with other fish although mine did chase and nip my zebra moray eel. one bad point about this fish is it makes hell of a mess in your tank, digging holes in the substrate, and toppling rock work.

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Menzel - 2004-07-23
I think amphiprion oscellarus or percula clownfish are some of the greatest specimens for the reef aquarium but should only be purchased by a person with a sound understanding of how to keep them healthy and happy.

kari - 2004-07-22
I think that purchasing a Percula because of a movie like Finding Nemo is stupid. True, the movie was good, but you should not buy one because of a movie. The Percula is a beautiful and fun fish, but having one for that reason is redundant. I bet there are hundreds of Percula out there that have the name Nemo already.


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