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tom roberts - 2007-03-28
i love my blue spot! its my second one, the first one i had was in my tank about 5 months and it died. im sure it was my fault though. i added some medicine to my tank to take care of a 20.00 yellow tang and ended up killing 4 of my fish! including the yellow tang. so i bought another blue spot stingray and have had it for a year now. he is doing great. what a funny fish, he eats right out of our hand. he never messes with any of the other fish. he is about 10 inches round now and about 16 or 17 inches total length. i have a 180 gallon tank so there is plenty of room for him to swim around and enjoy himself {or her} not really sure what it is. i havent been able to keep any other rays in my tank, they dont seem to live more then a few days. but at least this one is doing great. well good luck to anybody else that is gonna get one.

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  • Keith - 2012-01-04
    I just got a blue spotted sting ray but he refused to eat. I have soaked the silver slider with garlic, he took it underneath him and a few minutes later, he push it away... Any suggestion on feeding him? Thanks
  • harry - 2012-09-05
    Try squid tentacles from local fish store . cut them small enough for the ray to get usede to it.  I have found the tentacles irressitable to rays. good luck . odds are against keeping any rays for any length of time.
Brent - 2009-07-17
Chris your concern is noted but as a responsible aquarist and a Green Party of Canada candidate all aspects of the ecology of the ocean must be taken into account. I myself am a vegetarian as commercial fishing is what accounts for 90% of the fish deaths that occur in the ocean. The populations are dwindling because people continue to drive cars and acidify the ocean as well as place dangerous chemicals into it. The marine hobby does have an impact of course but by all estimates and calculations if 1% of the bi catch from commercial trawling was to be put into the marine aquarium trade it would be a world wide over saturation very quickly and prices would plummet very quick. Those fish are left on the decks of those comercial fishing boats where they are allowed to suffocate to death before being sorted and then thrown back in the ocean. Yes cyanide and dynamite was used in the ocean a lot in the past but laws attempt to prevent this now and it is much much less common. If we are really to take care of our oceans we must stop commercial trawling and drag nets and use methods that only catch what we want as a food source. Also reduce or eliminate the burning of fossil fuels which is causing acidification of the ocean and destroying the base of the entire food chain on the planet such as phyto-plankton. The oceans stability is the planets stability and the planets survival!

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Jessica Reyes - 2012-06-08
I kept one of these amazing guys for a long time, he was almost a foot long when he died. As far as when he did die he did not release a toxin and was surprised to find out that they release the toxin when they die stressfully. As sad as I was when he did die it made me feel better knowing he was happy and probably died of old age.

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  • Dustin - 2013-03-02
    I just bought a cowfish today. They are amazing creatures and very unique. I'm sorry for your loss. My cowfish Billy is so full of life.
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craig warren - 2004-07-14
Easily the best fish to keep as a pet. During feeding they will swim to you and take food from your hand. Be careful not to be bitten by this one, it has very powerful jaws. It will spit jets of water from the aquarium at you if you dont feed it quick enough. It will also come to the front of the tank and beg for food. The best fish I've ever kept. Recommended to any one who likes a fish with a good personality.

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  • Ron - 2013-02-25
    I had a 6 incher not too long ago he was a great fish. Be careful with your water changes!! The puffer i have now is a baby Its doing very well. Its okay to have your water at 80 degrees for these fish. good luck guys.
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Krista - 2013-02-02
I bought a Black Ribbon Eel 4 weeks ago and he has eaten 4 dozen ghost shrimp, frozen mysis, live brine shrimp, frozen brine shrimp, frozen krill and dried fish flakes. He eats everything. Will he turn blue?

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2013-02-02
    They are great eels?  What do you mean will he turn blue?
  • Anonymous - 2013-02-15
    no, that why he is black
  • Kane - 2013-02-24
    Yes, they start off as black males, but once they mature they become blue females.
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Anonymous - 2013-02-10
so Im starting a Cube tank for these bueatiful trues that came into our shop last week... they are a pair and the most flawless that I HAVE EVER seen! So my question is in a smaller cube what can I put w them eventually... i was thinking a small dragonet when tank is cycled thru. but clowns will prob not put up well with say a sea horse? I will also get a bubble tip for them cant do much for fish in a 14g cube. I was assured since they are already mated theat the 14 g should be plenty... actually I was told 1 10 would be fine lol..... not gonna do any more 'swimming' fish.... green spottendragonet stay small or scooter. notbig enough for lawnmower unfortunately. or wathman goby or citron clown goby.l.. any suggestions

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  • Anonymous - 2013-02-16
    Thank yo uso much for your reply.... they are truley flawles lol i was thinking diamond goby since they do a job lol and a yellow clown goby and maybe a sharkface or neon goby since they take care of parasites along with a cleaner shrinmp and a pepermint so they too will have jobs... a busy fish is a happy fish lol and obviously som nasaruis (sp) snaail and a turbo maybe not mexican since they get so darn big LOL if I keep up with the water changes and add a refugium to filtraction system I think it would be ok. and some hermits and dwarf cerith snails for the rock nook an cranies...... you think over crouded... the diamond goby may be pushing it w a dragonet of some kind... tghe smaller ones lioke the cycadelic or even scooter. i will also be putting in some soft cvorals mushroomn and poliyps. some carnation coral and xXenia and a leather for some yellow in there all these things I will have to keep trimmed up a bit tho lol.... should help with the filtration in the water itself... add some algrae to refugium with a lil led strip to keep it alive? I dont wanna go crazy w portien skimmer tho thing there is enough flow woth out it. I re,oved all bioballs and added matrix. some used stuff from my shop also. lol think im gonna pick my clowns up tomorrow i will post some pics when they come cuz again they are flawless and already mated!!!!! tank looks preetty baren right now but I even got some sponges on the rock i purchased and they are slready looking better than when i put em in a day and a half ago... sorry long winded just real excited my last tank was a 120g and that was 4 yrs ago so im nervouse about the smaller one... and all these fishj will be added very slowly ($$) and so will the corals.. i will add bubble tip befpore corals so no chance of stinging while he gets comfy :) sry again for long winded msg back LOL :)
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Lewis knox - 2010-11-30
Hey there,
I have a Niger triggerfish and every time I put a goby in it eats it. Is there any gobies I can put in that he won't eat?

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  • Anonymous - 2013-02-15
  • Jeremy Roche - 2013-02-16
    More then likely he will eat any that you put in.
  • Anonymous - 2013-02-13
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Derek Melton - 2013-02-07
I have a grouper I just purchased. It's pink and it is not doing well. I have a 150 gallon tank. I noticed today it has a weird white mossy looking stuff growing on him and it's not swimming just laying in sand opening and closing its mouth. Help I like the fish just want to get him right.

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  • Anonymous - 2013-02-08
    White mossy stuff sounds like a fungus of some kind. Get a medication designed for fungus. It can't hurt to also use an anti-biotic as long as you check for ammonia and keep it down with Amquel if it rises. Gasping may be a sign of low oxygen, increase aeration or surface water flow. Gasping, or opening and closing it's mouth, may be normal though.
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sabrina - 2010-02-22
Angel fish are so pretty! even the guys:)

Anonymous - 2013-01-27
I've had a juvenile blue angel for about a month now, took sometime but he is definitely eating now, mysis, flakes, pellets, ect. Also angelfish formula so diet is ok, water paremeters ok, color around head is fading,  know they change color, but afraid this is difficult because it's almost skin tone ish, literally looks like color is disappearing all together? Any advice?

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2013-01-27
    This is often from stress.  What other fish are in the tank?

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