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OS - 2004-09-19
My most beautiful fish! Very expensive, but well worth the money if you can get a specimen that is eating. A very friendly fish.

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OS - 2004-09-15
Well worth the Money! One of my most beautiful fish!

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ken - 2004-09-14
Ive been an aquarium hobbiest for fifteen years and have been keeping salt water for six years. I do believe that any animal should not be kept unless you know how, and are willing to properly take care of them. However when my two year old baby girls face lights up and shines when she sees a clownfish. You know shes going to have one. And if she calls her Nemo, thats ok.

Archie - 2004-09-13
One of the easiest marine fish to keep.
Especially if its captive bred. Worth having a tank just for these guys.
Eat everything offered and are very Hardy to water conditions.

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Jes - 2004-09-10

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mark - 2004-09-06
i have one in my daughters tank. the tank is a 29 gallon and i have had no problems. it eats the salt water feeders that i place in there. as far as going several weeks with out food, mine needs to be fed at least 3 small fish about every 2-3 days. it has acclimated very well and does not bother the other fish i have. the funny thing is that my percula and dwarf angel actually herd the feeders to the eel. the dwarf angel sleeps with it also.

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Ryan H - 2004-08-31
I have a Sulphur Head Moray Eel (different coloration of a Yellow Headed Moray) and a undulate trigger fish (very aggresive), When they first entered my tank they tried to kill my resident Snowflake eel numerous times, especially the suplhur head (made the snowflake bleed many times). I eventually had to buy a new tank to put the Snowflake into. Then after a couple months, i put a decent size voliton Lionfish in the tank with them. During the FIRST Night, the eel (Nasty Nate) ripped the lionfish in half and ate everything up to his gills... A Very expensive mistake... The sulphur head will not attack the Triggerfish (Squirrel Master), in fact he will occasionally attack the eel. So, now I have what I call a Predator Tank. I throw poor little unsuspecting goldfish and mollies in there and watch them get devoured in just seconds! (The mollies give a much better fighting chance because they like salty water and are much more mobile.)

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Kenny - 2004-08-31
I bought my undulate Triggerfish with a sulphur head moray eel. These are VERY VERY VERY aggresive specimens. They were apparently buddies, and are in cahoots when attacking other fish! We call them the Squirrel Master and Nasty Nate respectively. The Trigger has no problem showing the eel who is boss and will attack him randomly. They both will not let ANY other fish survive in my tank, and will gang up on any newcomer and rip them apart. Even my resident Snowflake eel and Poisonious volitons lionfish were ripped apart!

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Jan Hayes - 2004-08-26
I have just purchased a greenback fairy wrasse a month or so ago. It has been a joy to watch in my tank. I was surprised to see that mine had no green to it. It is a purple fish. It has red spots on both sides and red dorsal and ventral fins. It has been completely peaceful, even from the beginning though my regal tang and my hawkfish harrassed it. He adapted well. In only a couple of days the fish was eating any frozen - green or meaty - food that I fed it and some pelleted food as well. I love his swim style of quivering the very end of his dorsal fin to move about. Jan

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Sarah - 2004-08-25
Yes I have also heard that this fish will excert a poision if stressed. But they are very fun looking


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