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J. Jarzemkoski - 2004-11-10
In the week that I have had my Kole, I have only seen it a few times. He is very secretive. I wish he would come out more.

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Ray cole - 2004-11-08
I have just purchased a Scopas brown tang. I have studied your web site and thank you for the info on tangs! I,m new to marine tanks and like the info you provide! The tang is doing fine, as soon as I put him in the tank he started to feed, looks very happy, thanks !

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Jason - 2004-10-24
I got one, they are cool for eating algea !!

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Josie - 2004-10-24
I needed information for my T.A.G ( stands for Talanted And Gifted) report on triggerfish SOOOOOOOO bad! Thanks for helping save my neck! P.S Am I the only one who thinks triggerfish are cute and addorable?

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ddd - 2004-10-13
I love your website. it is good cause i went somewhere in japan and i have a project on this fish, so it was very useful. i love the way boxfish swim backwards, it is so CUTE!i went to Kushimoto or Wakayama, have u been there? well i love this site and i would want to buy a boxfish! Bye

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James - 2004-10-08
i have had my marine betta grouper for more than a couple months :). i feed them frozen food like those saltwater variety packs, hoping they get all the nutrition. i get some tank water, put the frozen cube in there and stir it till it thaws out. I pour the contents on both sides of the tank. :) i really like this fish, very interesting :) and very shy but, have heard he is a predator.

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Anonymous - 2004-10-06
I just bought my Naso Tang a few days ago. My other fish are a rather large Lion fish, a Niger Trigger, a sebea clown, and a Lunar wrass. This is the first of many fish that can hold their own with these guys. Tried brown, green, red seaweed and he did not even see it. He would not take silversides or shrimp either. Finally, he will now only eat Formula two and MYSIS shrimps. The unfortunate thing is that all the rest of my fish like that even more than he does and he is still a little timid about going for the stuff so my other fish end up with buldging bellies before he gets enough to eat.

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Mike - 2004-10-01
lion fishes are so awesome its not funny. they dont even think twice about being so cool

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domenic - 2004-10-01
i have an undulate trigger together with a clown trigger and 2 picassos, and with a snowflake eel, a lion fish, plus others, and all get along pretty good; with huge appetites.

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Andersen - 2004-09-23
My wife loved her since they first meet at aquarium shop and I bought her a Mandarinfish on the same day. She very much enjoys talking to the Mandarinfish and looking at her action, very shy and very lady action.


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