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daniel - 2005-02-06
I have had my blue ribbon eel for about one year now. For the first few weeks I tried to feed it ghost shrimp with no success. I then tried medium size gold fish, which he gobbled up. I fed him one every 3-5 days. Recently he went about three weeks without eating. I went through a ton of feeder fish, then I tried small feeder fish and now he eats 1-2 fish a day. He is my favorite animal in my 180 reef tank.

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Denise - 2005-02-05
Just got our lipstick tang today for our reef system, keeping fingers crossed..we have 2 "nemo clowns" 3 chromos, and a yellow tang. Also some peppermint shrimp, snails, small crabs, and corals. Tank has been up and running since November, and is a 70 gallon tank. Also have about 130 pounds of live rock in there. New at this, but also found that I prefer to take about 8 gallons out a week and add back + 2 of fresh for evaporation. Think more often and less works better. Our tang started grazing the minute let him (or her) loose. We have quite a bit of green and red alge growing in there. Good Luck to all, and to me too, will write back and let know how made out.

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MIKEY - 2005-02-02
Brown banded cat shark (bamboo). I currently have a 22inch one, a male. You can tell by the claspers underneath the bottom two back fins, females don't have them. Mine currently lives with a picasso trigger. No problems at all. A bit agressive, or should we say eager, when feeding. Currently housed in a 150 gallon tank with a pf600 skimmer. Thinking of adding a big sump to increase water volume along with live rock, system works well. Hope this short piece helps. mikey birmingham(ENGLAND)

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  • john jackson - 2010-05-17
    Hey my name is john from the u.s I'm looking in to buying a shark and the brown banded cat shark seems awesome. Any advice? I'm new that's the problem.
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Ray Ortiz - 2005-01-30
This fish is territorial but not too agressive. The one I have, likes to hide behind live rock, and will only comeout if my other fish come close to his territory. I will keep him for now.

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kellyanne - 2005-01-22
they are so smart! They know their master too.

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ashlee - 2005-01-20
clownfish are so cool, i want one!

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Misha - 2005-01-19
I have had a catalina fish and it was great. Had a friendly personality.

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RICH - 2005-01-19
This site helped me alot especially when I was starting my saltwater tank

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jeff - 2005-01-19
lionfish RULE they are my fav

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Ian Smith - 2005-01-17
I am head aquarist at The Fountain Hotel where we have a 1000 gallon marine tank. We have recently acquired a blue spotted ray and he really is a very nice looking fish. He will share the tank with a Bamboo Cat-Shark, who has just laid six egg cases, four yellow sailfin tangs, a Naso Tang, a Lion Fish and my biggest head-ache a Sgt. Major Damsel fish. He attacks just about everything, except our shark, and has avoided all attempts at capture. Back to the drawing board.


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