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john - 2005-03-08
Hey,just want to let you know that your website is really great!!!
I really learned a lot. The information for each subject is very comprehensive and I like, I have learned more about the specific fish I just researched...Thanks.God Bless to everyone who has made this website a success..:)

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Mark Tovey - 2005-03-05
A very nice fish, that soon gets to know its owner and eats out of your hand. A very peaceful fish.

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Petar - 2005-03-03
Just like to add that these fish are not limited to South Australia. I have been snorkeling on the NSW coast and frequently encounter an old wife. The other posters statement is true, they are very timid and every time i see them while snorkeling they seem to hide/hang around weedbeds

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Rob - 2005-03-03
i have had my tang for about 6 months he is my favorite fish next to my mandarin fish. they are with a sebae clown, 2 yellow tail damsels, a neon goby, and a flame angel. they are in a 75 gallon tank and all get along fine. got lucky, found him in a corner at petco for 42.99 plus 10%off. he was 3 1/2" and is now about 6". every one should own one

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Bud Good - 2005-03-02
these puffers can be kept in freshwater for a reason but is not recommended as these fish are born in freshwater rivers up stream from the ocean and as it grows will gradually move into brackish then finally full out salt water. they are often sold as freshwater or brackish water fish but do not have great success in freshwater tanks best to gradually acclimate them to a marine tank using the drip method

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thedominant1 - 2005-02-23
Its best to get them when there babys because they get used to you quicker and they will adapt faster.

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dillon - 2005-02-20
Very prone to disease such as ich very peaceful slow growing had for 2 years

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Ramon - 2005-02-19
In the course of three weeks, this fish double in size. He is one of my favorite Damsels but spends most of his time eating. That being said, he has outgrown the rest of his tank mates yet exhibits little to no aggression to other fish.

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Ramon - 2005-02-19
I added one of these guys to help start my tank and became so fond of him, that I added a female as well. They are by far the most entertaining fish I have. They zipp around the tank from one cave to another finding even the smallest crevice in my live rock to squeeze into. They are far the most enjoyable damsel you can buy.

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emma - 2005-02-08
Very strange, my very large clown trigger fish LOVES lettuce and broccoli it even passes the shrimp and other goodies by.


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