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craig warren - 2005-05-29
great looking fish, i own a 5.5 inch specimen. do not attempt to keep with peacful or small fish as its very aggressive.
i tryed to keep mine with a 5 inch naso tang when he was small and it chased and bit the tang repeatedly so had to be moved into another aquarium. now i keep the trigger in a 6x2x2 tank with a 7 inch red coris and a large emperor angel.

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steve - 2005-05-25
I had success starting my blue ribbon eel on fozen Krill. I made him a rock house with almost no openings so it was dark inside, and I went through the initial adaptation process with no other fish in the tank. Each evening with the tank lights off, I would present the eel with a completely thawed krill on a skewer. After two weeks of waving the krill in front of his nose, he finally ate it. After this, feeding was no problem. I fed him every 2-3 days and he was healthy for several years.

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Brian - 2005-05-17
My Passer is a periodic hellion, but like him any way, and he lives with a Queen, an enormous French angel, and a blue-ringed angel as well. He was raised with the blue ringed and queen since they were babies, it worked out, but have tried it the other way and introduced an older one and that was a disaster. The french angel is 12 inches and she/he keeps everyone in check including my queen trigger - they all reside in a 280 gallon tank now, but when the 3 angels I raised together were babies, I brought them up in a 55 gallon for about 2 years. Use a lot of vitamins! Get one! Brian

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Erin Robinson - 2005-05-16
OMG! Thank you so much for helping me. I have always been interested in fish. I also had to do a poem about one and you guys helped me a lot! Thanks again!!!

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Anonymous - 2005-04-28
This is a great fish to get. It often digs, moves rocks, and sometimes makes grunting noises. This fish is agressive in my tank, even chasing, and picking at my lionfish.

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James - 2005-04-28
In support of the Marine Biologist, there are several species of common Goby and Blenny that will perform the same services as the Cleaner Wrasse, to a lesser degree. They are also much more commonly bred in captivity. If you have a tank that contains larger fish species, dont go replacing Cleaners though, as most fish will not recognise goby/blenny cleaners for what they are, and will just eat them!

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Anonymous - 2005-04-27
I have a bamboo shark and I have found that they dont work well when you are feeding them when they are among other fish. (they tend to get greedy)

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Shawn - 2005-04-27
They can easily be tamed to hand feed and great companions

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Charles C. - 2005-04-24
some one bought me 2 of these little monsters...they rest all day on the bottom and love to hide. they get along well with everything in the tank as long as u keep them full and happy. **THEY GROW BIG AND FAST** be carefull of the their growth potential when u purchase them.

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john - 2005-04-20
Do not feed a saltwater shark...thats really expensive... disease ridden, non-nutritious goldfish! i can guarantee you will lose your shark the second you put a bad batch of goldfish in there. buy ghost shrimp and put some vita-chem in the bag so they absorb it, that way they can have some healthy substance. Do yourself a favor and read the book they advertise. There you will also find how to tell the sexual difference in your shark. I have a little girl, who loves her healthy and frozen squid mixed with vita-chem so she lives a long time. Please people do research before you buy! for the fishes/sharks sake.


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