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Hayley - 2005-07-21
I have had a banded catshark for a good 12 months now and she is easily the most hardy animal i have ever kept. I feed her on a range of fresh seafood once every three to four days. Only downside is that she does tend to get a bit hungry and eat the other fish.

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alison - 2005-07-20
I too had an Undulated in my tank. The one and only book I read about the trigger species said that the Clown Trigger was the most aggressive out of all the species, and there was little information on the Undulated. He looked so awesome, the way his eyes moved and the orange & green lines. We named ours DUKE and that was the perfect name, he had attitude. He would wait for all the other fish to start "chewing"/"tearing" the feeders, all settled in their territories, Then "the Duke from hell" would come and round up everyone's elses food and go back to the middle of his rock. He had dug a nice little storage area below him and would sit over it. I had to use a drumstick to chase him away from the others so they could eat. Duke tried to antagonize a little Niger that we had just got. It was great, that little one showed him up and wouldn't back down. I enjoyed his personality, he was so proud of his accomplishments. I didn't do much television watching with all of that going on. Better than a soap opera. Like what I just wrote - sorry its so long

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Jim USA, Missouri - 2005-07-02
The Blue Regal Tang is a great fish. Keeps the rest of my Tangs busy. I have had many years of experience in Reef keeping and have had little trouble. Many sites warn you about keeping Regals, but with care as with anything its easy. My Blue eats everything and is really cool to watch. Don't worry if you have one just enjoy the beauty of nature you have.

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Fran Ralph - 2005-06-24
Just got my "lipstick Tang" 3 days ago. Not eating well yet but after reading the comments I can try some new ideas. Just new at this so I hope my tang is good to me! I have a bird nose wrasse, a clown and a yellow and black damsel with my Tang they seem to be ok together.

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Malachi,,The Fish Doctor - 2005-06-15
I recently brought one to cycle my 50 gal. I nickname him "CHECKERS" and i will say 1 thing about this fish,it is very hardy and eats just about anything.

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Rodrigo - 2005-06-09
This is a great fish and is one of the easiest clown fish. I bought it when I was initiated into the marine fish tanks. I really recommend this clown fish to all types of marine hobbyists.

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CAMERN - 2005-06-03

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craig warren - 2005-05-29
great looking fish, i own a 5.5 inch specimen. do not attempt to keep with peacful or small fish as its very aggressive.
i tryed to keep mine with a 5 inch naso tang when he was small and it chased and bit the tang repeatedly so had to be moved into another aquarium. now i keep the trigger in a 6x2x2 tank with a 7 inch red coris and a large emperor angel.

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steve - 2005-05-25
I had success starting my blue ribbon eel on fozen Krill. I made him a rock house with almost no openings so it was dark inside, and I went through the initial adaptation process with no other fish in the tank. Each evening with the tank lights off, I would present the eel with a completely thawed krill on a skewer. After two weeks of waving the krill in front of his nose, he finally ate it. After this, feeding was no problem. I fed him every 2-3 days and he was healthy for several years.

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Brian - 2005-05-17
My Passer is a periodic hellion, but like him any way, and he lives with a Queen, an enormous French angel, and a blue-ringed angel as well. He was raised with the blue ringed and queen since they were babies, it worked out, but have tried it the other way and introduced an older one and that was a disaster. The french angel is 12 inches and she/he keeps everyone in check including my queen trigger - they all reside in a 280 gallon tank now, but when the 3 angels I raised together were babies, I brought them up in a 55 gallon for about 2 years. Use a lot of vitamins! Get one! Brian


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