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   Despite an exalted and turbulent history, the Trakehner has emerged in modern times as a premiere athlete!
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miranda - 2011-12-31
I luv these kind of horses and my dad said one day when we get a farm that he would alow me 2 get one and show jump it.... but it's gonna be at leats 4-6years until i get one.. :(

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  • Dawson - 2012-03-31
    Thats the worst. My grandpa just
    bought me my new trakehner. What a sweetie good luck.
kayla reynolds - 2009-04-02
I really like horses and this is my fav one, but too bad I can't have one. This looks like the one that I had when I was little. His name was dustey... I loved him. I was about seven when my family got rid of him.