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   The Thoroughbred is the fastest horse in the world and dominates the horse racing industry!
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macey - 2011-09-05
I love horses and ponies .....
I have not got a horse but I want one but I do know some people who have them and theirs are beatiful

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    M - 2010-07-11
    I loveeee my thoroughbred. They are the most beautiful animals and they are so sweet and loving and although my tb can be a bit fiesty... I wouldn't trade him for anything:)

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    • Liz - 2010-08-26
      We have an opportunity to adopt a 2yr old gelded stallion tb. He's beautiful and seems sweet. Will he be a good pet? We're not planning to ride very often. Is there a tremendous amount of medical and grooming care required?
    • liv - 2011-02-27
      Aww good I'm getting a thoroughbred in a couple months any down sides?
    • Hannah - 2011-06-13
      Do the 'Thoroughbreds" have to be race horses? I would prefer to just go rising on trails, that sort of thing. And is it possible to get the Appaloosa color in a Thoroughbred? I heard that they do come in that color. But I am not sure? Thanks.
    • Charlie Roche - 2011-06-13
      Thoroughbreds don't have to race to be happy and love you. I would imagine most don't just beautiful to appreciate and ride.
    • macey - 2011-09-05
      I wish I had a horse you are so lucky.
    • keaton lamb - 2011-11-22
      Thoroughbreds don't have to be race horses. My horse jumps
    Julia - 2009-09-14
    I love horses and all animals! Someday I want to be an equine vet.

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    • jakeena - 2010-03-10
      I love horses too the are my favorite
    Raine - 2009-06-04
    I love animals, even horses!
    I'm here to do research on horses. I wish that I could work with horses~ Raine