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   Mustangs have run as wild horses in North America for several hundred years, and still do today!
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kiersten - 2009-02-24
Hey, I am really glad that you have this website because I am using it for a book report. Anyway thanks, I really appreciate it!

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  • Katie - 2010-09-18
    I am also using this for a this for a class report. My teacher is making sure we find facts with numbers over 100. This helped me a lot. Thanks. I chose the american mustang so this was a good site.
  • Katlynne - 2014-10-01
    I am also using it for a 9-10 minute speech for the state FFA speech convention!
al barrieau - 2014-10-12
getting a rescue mustang next week can't wait named here hope any help with understanding her breed more would be appreciated much

Anonymous - 2013-09-25
Mustangs are awsome! ! !

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  • bryce - 2013-11-21
    This website is amazing.
  • Anonymous - 2014-01-14
    i love horses
thalia - 2010-04-28
I love mustang horses!

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  • eliza - 2010-05-21
    So do I. So much I ride them every day.
  • andres - 2011-03-30
    I Love Horses to Eliza. ROCK ON HORSE RIDERS
  • Christina - 2012-04-11
    I love training them!! lol My mustang was crazyflakes when i got him!! Now he does pony jumpers and schools at up to 4ft jumps!! They are AMAZING horses!!!
  • jennifer - 2012-05-12
    I love horses becase they are lovely

  • Catherine - 2012-07-17
    I'm lucky enough to live near great numbers of Mustang horses.:) My 'favorite' is a bay Appaloosa with a white blanket, black spots on his rump, and dull gray circles around each and every spot. I dubbed him Murky. Today, I got to pet a Mustang, too. They're really beautiful animals, indeed.
Whitney Sitts - 2011-10-27
Where can i get one?

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  • Olivia - 2011-11-10
    There is a place in South Dakota where they give mustangs to kids and they can show them but after a couple of years they have to give them up and they are sold to work at ranches or stockyards. It was amazing!!! The kids learn so much from it.
  • Cathee - 2012-01-26
    Catch one!
  • Charlie Roche - 2012-01-27
    I am ot sre you are just allowed to go'Catch them' as in many areas theyre protected. There are many indivduals who home these amazing creatures' to prevent them and foster them. The last time looked they ran around $300 but that is unbroken.
  • Christina - 2012-04-11
    Check the BLM website :) I'm probably getting one from them. They're lovely horses!!
HorseGirl15 - 2010-11-23
My aunt has a mustang that she is giving me for my birthday and this website helped me understand them more. Thanks!

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  • Anonymous - 2013-01-22
    I love your horse.
Anonymous - 2012-06-03
Mustangs rule!!!!!
they are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christina - 2012-04-11
Wow this is helpful!! I own a spanish mustang but i bought him at 7 yr so he was used to people although untrained (now he's trained jumper, by me). I'm planning on getting him a companion to train and do Extreme Mustang Makeover with :) I found the bits on feeding REALLY helpful!!!

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-04-11
    Glad you liked. Does this mean I can come ride your Mustang????
Autumn Oberholtzer - 2011-07-26
This is a great website i told all my friends about it and i found a great mustang want and I want to get him out of where he is right now because the people that own him are sick so they take HORRIBLE care of them their legs are caked in mud but now that I know that they can live off little feed I think they will be ok until I can get him. I will be looking at every breed there is on this website!

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-07-27
    Glad you like the site and welcome aboard. If the horses you saw are full bodied and well fed, maybe it rained and just felt like going into the mud for coolness. They will do that. If they look sucken and not fed - that is scary. Maybe tell parents or another horse lover. I had two white Pyrenes and whenit would rain - they would roll around in the mud - I believe just to annoy me. They would be covered in mud. Then they would stand there and just let the rain pound down on them and they would be pure white again. It was like some sort of ritual. Of course if the rain stopped before they were done, I'd use the hose.
  • tamia - 2011-10-28
    Yeah it is its very cool
Dokota Steinhable - 2010-05-27
I used this website for a report on Mustang Horses, and I got an A+ on the report. It brought up my Report Card Big Time!

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  • andres - 2011-03-30
    Yeah this Website is awsome I did the same report and I FAILED. This website is awsome. Rock on Horse riders