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  The Morgan Horse is one of the native american horses and became the most popular American breed of the 19th century!
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April - 2010-04-12
The horse was named Figure not Justin Morgan.

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  • Editor's Note - 2010-05-04
    The horse's name was indeed "Figure", but because the horse changed hands many times, he became known as the "Justin Morgan horse" in 1796.
  • Keith - 2010-06-12
    Yes, his original name was Figure, but later he was called Justin Morgan.
  • natalie - 2011-01-27
    Yes it was named Figure but then it was renamed after its owner.
christine - 2009-07-26
I think morgans are so cool because I have a morgan, and she is cool!

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  • danielle - 2011-01-29
    I love morgans because I have a welsh mauntain, quarter horse, morgan mix she stands with the pride of an morgan!
  • morgan - 2011-04-06
    So do I.
  • 1123 - 2012-04-20
    I just love morgans!!!
morgan - 2011-04-06
I also have a morgan horse because I love horses and also it is named after me.

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  • Anonymous - 2012-04-20
Margaret - 2010-03-26
The Morgan is Just an amazing Horse... I am planning on getting one for pulling logs, English, and Western riding!

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  • Emma Smith - 2011-04-25
    I Love Horses