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   The "World Famous" Lippizaner Stallions are an acclaimed spectacle worldwide and favorite family arena show!
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margaret gudgin - 2013-01-09
can you please tell me Where do Lipizzaners stay 5,5,3 I have searched everywhere for my quiz.

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2013-01-09
    Not sure what you are asking?
Raea - 2011-10-06
The part about melanomas is actually not true. Most Lipizzaners are born with dark skin which does not lighten (only the hair does), and melanomas in the breed are very rare. Though they appear white in time, they are not classed as true white (or cremello) because of this. I own a young lippizaner gelding and though he has already lightened to a dapple gray, his skin is black.

Sharon tetera - 2010-06-05
What kind of bit are Lipizzans ridden with?

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  • Hanna - 2013-05-11
    Lipizzans are just like any other horse when it comes to bits. Every horse is different and prefers, or is trained with a different bit. Depending on the age of the horse, that can also play a role in which bit to use. If it's an older horse that has already been trained ask the person you purchased it from. If you purchased a youngster you can train him/her with a bit suitable to your needs.
keith - 2011-02-20
What color are lipazzaner horses at birth?

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  • Anonymous - 2012-10-08
    Usually black or very dark grey/brown. They lighten as they get older = the lighter a lipizzaner, the older it is :-)
Yvonne - 2009-04-08
My life dream was to own a lippizzaner horse for a trail riding horse. I live in Hillsboro, Ohio 45133. Would it be possible to purchase one and how much do they cost? I was interested in a filly. That way I could bond with it as it grows up. I know that you can not ride them until their at least 4 years old. That doesn't matter to me. Just the thought of being able to have one would mean everything in the world to me. Would it be cheaper in price if I ordered a slight older one. What do you think? Where would the closest place be to me that I would be able to purchase one? I am looking very forward to hearing from you.

Thank you so much,

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  • C. Bell - 2010-12-09
    Lipizzans make great trail horses! They are calm and tend to stop and look when something concerns them rather than spook and run away. They have good feet and are comfortable to ride. The mares are strong minded but will try very hard for you if you are loving and fair to them. Don't try to dominate a Lipizzan mare! She won't put up with harsh treatment! I know I have been a long lover of Lipizzans and have bred them. Right now horses are pretty easy to find - even Lipizzans. Look on for those that are for sale. Foals and older horses are cheaper. And at times there are some that are available for free from those who just want a really good home for their horse.
  • eva - 2012-01-26
    I found some 'LIPPIES' on Online horse For sale Websites
yesenia - 2009-05-14
I like lipizaner horses!