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  The Dutch Warmblood is a modern warmblood sport horse, and one of the most popular horse breeds in the United States!
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Anonymous - 2011-06-04
I absolutely love dutch warmbloods!!!

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-06-04
    They are gorgeous.
  • Anonymous - 2014-06-17
    They are a beautiful creature.
reggie nelson - 2012-05-18
i want a dutchwarmblood they are nice

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  • lilly - 2013-10-04
    They are nice. It would be brilliant for you and I have one myself but they always kick you if you stand behind it. When you first get be careful.
Anonymous - 2009-09-10
That is a nice looking horse.

Doug - 2010-05-18
Is it a dutch Warmblood.