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   The Arabian, known for its incredible endurance, can maintain a run for over 100 miles!
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Rita - 2012-10-16
Anglo arabs are the best horses EVER!!!!

Smudge is the best horse ever! - 2010-08-04
Are you jealous that I have an Arabian? I have a Black one. He is a show horse, and no other horse is better then my Smudge.

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  • melanie - 2010-09-29
    No cause I have a white one.
  • Anonymous - 2010-11-22
    Why would anyone be jealous of you? I have a white one so there....
  • Sheila Donaldson - 2010-12-07
    I wouldn't own an Arabian if you gave one to me, for nothing. They are hot and temperamental, and sometimes unpredictable. I hate what breeders are doing to them.... those awful swan necks.
  • Arabians ROCK!!!!!!!!!! - 2011-07-02
    Arabs are not temermental!!!!! Their REALLY sweet!!!!
  • Pat - 2011-07-31
    Not owning an Arabian is not knowing what excellence really is in a horse. They are not tempermental, unpredictable maybe (learn more about your horse and that can be managed), but they are wonderful!
  • Amanda - 2011-08-03
    No, I am not jealous of your arabian. I got one for free because a friend's grandmother couldn't afford him and I'm kind of sorry. He's sweet and all but he is always psyching himself out and panicking. Oh, and he will NOT stop pulling back while tied. I can't tie him.
  • Emma - 2012-01-17
    I am a little jealous that you have a amazing horse. I have always wanted a horse and I still don't have one. I am single though so you think me and you could date babe.
  • Anonymous - 2012-01-22
    I,ve got a chestnut arab mare with 4 white socks. And by the way she has been shown in hand for many Champs and Res champs AND now she has a amazing Colt thats Bay with a star called Fire-Ant
  • Cara Perez Miller - 2012-05-16
    I have a Leopard app arabian and she is beautiful and sweet
  • Jocelyn - 2012-08-03
    I am a 11 year old girl. I have an arabian my self. She is part welsh and part arab. They do have wery high tempurment. She is a wonderful horse. She is beautiful and very sweet and kind and when I ride her the only issue is that she does not stop or slow down very good. She is the only one in the pasture because she is my only horse but arabians are nice to have but hard to handle
  • Amanda - 2012-08-04
    I have a flea-bitten grey arab mare that I have had since she was born and she is beautiful and sweet and the smartest horse J have ever met and I have met ALOT of horses. Arabs are not temperamental or hot-blooded at all and if they are like that around you that means you are doing something wrong, not the horse's fault. Arabs are only sweet and willing to please and with their trust they will do anything you ask of them.
  • gina - 2012-09-13
    I have a 31 year old arab and he is the best horse anyone could ever own and are is all in who has trained and been around the horse. They are warm and have a good temperment as good as any breed if not better. Your right they don't know what they are doing and it wouldn't matter what breed they have.
mad - 2011-11-10
Arabs are really fun,you just need a good one to have fun. I show Arabs and I wish I cold do it forever!

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  • Anonymous - 2012-04-02
    I know... ARABIANS ARE COOL!
Anon - 2011-07-25
Hey that's Cal Poly Pomona!!!!

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  • HUH? - 2012-02-15
    Huh? Whose C.P.P. you talked about.
Lisa Reolofs - 2009-01-23
I love Arabians. They are the most beautiful horses ever, they are so gentle then again so strong.

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  • rikki - 2010-07-31
    I am a first time arabian owner this year. I own three paints. So for me to have an arabian added to my group of paints was weird. She's so lil but pretty and well shaped, shines like no other, but then is with three fat but well built paints. Makes her look like shes a colt. But I love her, I am recently training her under saddle, she's coming along awesome. But it's summer time, and I have lots of grass padducks, and she's fed hay twice a day and cup of 12% oats a day and it's showing bones? What can I do?
  • pnut pnut - 2010-09-20
    They are really pretty!<3
  • Simon Jackson - 2011-01-14
    I have a grey horse, a hybrid between the black one and white one. It is very ugly but I love it. It keeps asking to go back to Arabia even though I tell it that it no longer exists! Thanks for sharing your news about your horse.
  • Pat - 2011-07-31
    I have a 13 yr old gelding that is such a gentleman...I love him :) He is so smart it is scary sometimes. It just amazes me how intelligent, gentle, and quickly learned he is. Mine is also a gray, flea speck and I think he is beautiful!
jodie - 2011-04-17
We just got a 20 year old arabian and she looks horrible. She is very thin. She has patches of hair missing but I am not sure if my other horse is pulling it out. How can I put weight on her quickly and are there any problems with arabians that I should be looking for?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-04-18
    Read the Arabian Horse Article attached as that might help. Don't worry about puting weight on "QUICKLY" Be concrned that she is getting a good diet and is able to eat freely as needed. She will achieve her normal weight. Did she have the patches of hair missing when you got her? If you feel the other horse might be pulling it out, can they be separated?
shelby - 2010-11-12
Anybody arabian gelding in florida for 500$ he is bay and 15.1 and 7 years old.......? His name is budweiser but buddy for short budweiser is his trouble name..

call me 772-713-9825....or text

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  • shelbee - 2010-12-21
    Yep I do my name is shelbee.
ashley - 2010-12-11
I have 5 arabians 2 stallions and 3 mares they are all under 5 except for gina she is 8 but arabians are the most beautiful horses ever.