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   The Arabian, known for its incredible endurance, can maintain a run for over 100 miles!
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Laura - 2014-01-24
I have loved horses all of my life and I came across 'Gabriel' purely by accident. My neighbor and I were out hitting the local yard sales. One place we stopped at had a pretty Palimino on the back property. I commented on her. Lynn the owner said I have one for sale. It was not the Palimino however,it was Gaberiel, a 16yr old Chestnut Arabian. Lynn threw my 11yr old son up on his back and led him around the yard. Gabriel was so passive and friendly. My son had taken riding lessons over the summer but is still very much a beginner. Yet, Gabriel (Gabe)was so gentle I thought this might be a good way to continue my son in riding. To make a long story shorter ~ I told my husband (who was out of country)about him and he said get him. When I said I was scared he asked why. I told him a horse is very time consuming. He told me not to worry about it and to go ahead. So I made the jump and bought him. However, though Gabe is 16, you would not know it. Put him under sadddle and he is a different horse. The first time I got on him he went to bucking and kicking up his heels. Scared me to death. What happened to the sweet passive horse I bought?? There was no way I could put my son on him. I didn't give up though and soon I could simply give a verbal correction when he would start acting up and he would calm down. However, I realized this is not a horse for my son so I would have to be the one to become his owner/partner. I have developed a wonderful friendship with Gabriel, it took a little time for us to learn each other but he aims to please. He has learned to trust me and me him. I look forward to getting up everyday and spending time with him. I loose time at the stables and minutes turn into hours in a flash. My husband now fully understand my concern of how time consuming a horse can be ~ he has become a horse widower. Gabe is a wonderful horse, friend and companion. He has a wonderful disposition and friendly to everyone. When I think of how Gabe came into my life I believe we were ment to be. He is truely a gift from heaven.

Jenny - 2013-07-26
Hi. I have a 13 yr old part Arabian. I had to put her at a boarding ranch just about a month ago. And they only feed her 2 flakes a day but every time I go. It's like she is starving. Not just a lill nibble here and there. I'm talking about grubbing down like she is super hungry. I ask the ranch owner who is a trainer and he says she's ok. But I think she needs more. Any suggestions..

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  • Pat - 2013-09-28
    I like to free feed my Arabian horse. I notice he likes to chow down off and on all day. Put him on pasture or insist on his getting fed 3x's a day. I feed a good 25 lbs @ a time.
  • Morgan - 2013-12-03
    Hi I am trying to reach a go to Arabian haven ranch because I have a 3yr old Arab mare. I have some questions about her and would love to ask the ranch owner or who ever knows the Arabian breed. I have had 3 and they are amazing animals andalways my first choice but I have never dealt with one like mine and I want to see about things I can do more for her and are safe but I can't get to it from my phone. Please if Arabian haven ranch sees this or someone knows how to reach them please let me know or anyone who has a great deal of knowledge about Arabs please contact me my email is thanks to all have a wonderful night.
  • Morgan .T - 2014-01-03
    If she looks like she is staving then i say you tell the owner that ur horse isn't being taken care of
Lisa - 2010-08-12
I'm scared! I rescued an arab stallion, then let him gain back some weight then gelded him. He is very nice looking, but sad what he went though. Now he's with a friend, for finishing, but they saw him head over heals in the arena, all four feet in the air, and now he's having a hard time with his rear end, and is really sore. Will he get over it?

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  • Pat - 2011-07-31
    I would find a equine chiropractor and homeopathic vet in your area. He might have pinched something or have something out of whack. The homeopathic vet in our area treated my daughters Arabian and he is doing so much better. He is 25 and a beauty. Good luck with him...
  • Bec - 2013-05-27
    Yes, and definatly do NOT ride him until he is better. also, try this great computer game called Star Stable!
  • Arabian Haven Ranch - 2013-06-21
    He will with time and a good diet, if you need any supplies or supplements please check out our store:
Cara Perez Miller - 2012-05-16
I have a 3 yr old Spanish barb arabian and when I got her she weighed about 300 lbs and now she is weighing about 900 lbs but it has been 2 yrs..
I dont know much about arabians so if anyone can tell me about them I would love to know about there eating habits and does and don'ts with them

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  • Trina - 2012-06-29
    Arabians are what we call hard keepers. Because of their high indurance levels and energy, they burn off fat fast. I have to feed my 25+ Arabian/Quarter 4/flakes a day about 24 #s. Also Integrity for seniors. They also have Integrity for young horses. If they loose weight it takes 6 months to a year to get it back. A rice bran product can help put weight on qiucker.
wally - 2012-11-09
I was just given an Arabian and he is almost 38 years old I was wondering how long they can live to be.  He looks like his sister and she is 16 both are loving horse's

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-11-09
    I had to look it up but the info I found said between 25 and 40 years.  I have no idea what they say the life expectancy of a human is - but let's say 80.  There are many humans that life to 90 or 97 or evenover 100 - so an average or a guess is just that - a best guess so just enjoy him and don't worry about it.
  • karen - 2013-04-24
    they can live a long time
Lorna Drake - 2012-04-23
I own a Polish Arabian and he is now white. He is 13 years old and I have owned him since he was 5 years old and only 90 days into training. I have been around horses all my life. After getting my daughters old enough, I was finally able to start riding again in my forties. Faress is the arabians name, yes in the beginning I hit the ground a lot and often. Never was I thrown, but he did spook a lot. Took me awhile to get my seat back since we were learning dressage together. I can only tell you that the bond we share is like no other. He is the smartest horse I have ever owned. He can learn a trick in one day. He and I sleep together in his stall. He is loyal like no other horse. So all of you who do not like Arabians probably couldn't ride one because they are not for the green rider. Nor the chicken hearted. You treat them well and with kindness, they will love you forever. I also own a Warmblood. He is beautiful and big and great at dressage and I love him. I can only say the Arab is the most loving horse I have ever owned. When you lie down in his stall on a blanket and you wake up and he is lying next to you, you know this is the greatest bond ever.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-04-24
    Sounds awesome. I'd love it.
  • mechi garcia - 2013-01-25
    i have an all white polish arabian thats a rescue. he is 18, and he is the best horse. maximus is the best horse i ever owned, he is so eager to learn. he even plays hide and go seek with me! lol
  • vickie mossman - 2013-03-19
    Hi Lorna, I read your comment I myself came across the arabian by pure accident and now my children ride arabians. I couldn't agree more with you what you wrote was true, correct and beautiful.Yes it is true people who do not like the arabians do not understand their Beauty, Loyalty and Charm. All I can say they have a lot to learn about horses.
Barbara - 2012-10-17
I have loved horses forever because I think the horse is the most beautiful creature God ever created. I have had the pleasure of loving two (Tennessee Walkers) but then got married, had jobs/children, etc., and could not devote the time and energy a horse deserves; had to sell both which broke my heart but they went to good loving people who appreciated them and treated them well. I live in the country and have already told my husband the first thing I am doing when I retire is to get an Arabian because that has always been my dream horse and I intend to participate in endurance trials. There, you have one of my life's dreams.

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  • angela percival - 2013-01-24
    I too am about to follow my lifes dream and buy an arabian horse. Like you I have had horses as a girl - this is my 5oth birthday present.
Deborah Pearson - 2012-10-14
As the owner of Arabians as well as Morgans I must say I get tired of all the snide comments about Arabs being difficult to handle, tending to run 'hot' etc., etc. As with all animals, HOW they are handled by people makes all the difference. You spend enough time out trail riding for proper conditioning, believe me, the shying will cease once they have experienced running rabbits, bobcats and snakes. Spend enough arena time with lungeline as well as under saddle and behaviors will improve. BOTH are needed for any horse to be fully rounded and properly trained, and it has to be constant, not once a week or month. For endurance, elegance, intelligence, and personality the Arab and Morgan can't be beat. And both breeds are easy keepers. Never have had problems keeping weight on either except shortly after foaling.

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  • Barbara - 2012-10-17
    forgot to mention; both of my horses (Dolly and Erin) would come when called from out the pasture. I had boarded my Erin and the owner of the stable could not understand how I got her to come to me. I told him I loved her and she knew it; I never treated her w/ harshness; was patient and never frightened her. Got her when she was 6 mos old from my mom; she was waiting for me when I got home from college one spring. Trained her to halter, saddle, bridle, and finally rode her when she turned 3 years old. This man was impatient; punched his horses in their noses and couldn't understand why every single one of them was headshy; hated that stable but it was the only one close enough to me so I could be w/ her twice a day. Dolly came to me when she was 12 and she was the sweetest thing; could jump a fence like a hunter. Good thing we lived waaaaayyyy out in the country then and no where near any kind of paved road. She just wanted to be w/ us and would jump the fence and come to the house. Our cats would lie on her back; too funny.
  • Clarice Brough - 2012-10-14
    Good info! Its good to learn about how they can be worked with, and the great results. Thanks for sharing.
Connie Weber - 2012-11-11
I acquired two Arabian geldings, one 17 and one 20. I love them both dearly and respect the pride they have in them, the energy is amazing. The 20 year old is underweight so I started him on beet pulp pellets and a pelletized sweet feed with cracked corn, also added vitamin supplement. Hoping he gains the weight back. Calling a vet to come check him soon, will see what he advises.

Shelley Richey - 2012-11-08
Is it good to feed them raw pototoe, he wont eat apples

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-11-09
    I don't see why a poptatoe would hurt anything - have you tried cutting the apple in half.  Just nothing with pits like a peach.
  • alex - 2012-11-19
    Don't feed potatoes to horses! They cant digest them and potatoes can become poisonous to horses.