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   The American Saddlebred was "the American horse" during the early history of the United States!
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Denise - 2010-09-12
I love horses! My friend has one but she is a real dark brown american saddlebred. I am not allowed to ride her because she is a wild horse.

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  • Moss girl - 2013-04-09
    How can a saddlebred be a wild horse if some one owns it, or is it just not trained? I happened to have a saddlebred-quarter horse last year and he is amazing but do you know if there would be a difference in the way he walks? hope you reply!
  • alex ponke - 2014-10-07
    I am not sure about that question but I have to tell you I totally agree how is a horse wild if some one owns it? - alex ponke
Victoria Key - 2011-02-21
These horses are so fun to ride and watch in the show ring! The way they pick up their feet so high is amazing!

Jean Bubble - 2011-02-21
I have ridden American Saddlebreds all of my life, and they are so amazing!