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Tina - 2012-09-17
Can anyone confirm, that if a Thoroughbred Stallion is gelded at age 7, that he will always have his stallion bad habits- he is now 8 and being very pushy, taking off, fighting w/ other horses, badly enough to have one swift kick to another horse and killed it. Not a good option to rescue for a teenage experienced rider??

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-09-18
    Memories - ah those memories.  Most say it would take a year or so for the stallion to calm a bit but many say, he just won't.  He was mature and was a stalion and those behaviors have become part of his personality.  It is possible he may calm down but at 7 - he was a mature male and he will most likely retain the behaviors. 
  • Keeva - 2013-03-01
    Yes most stallions have it in their head from a very young age that there the ringleaderso best be geldedat 2-3 years old.
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Raea - 2011-10-06
The part about melanomas is actually not true. Most Lipizzaners are born with dark skin which does not lighten (only the hair does), and melanomas in the breed are very rare. Though they appear white in time, they are not classed as true white (or cremello) because of this. I own a young lippizaner gelding and though he has already lightened to a dapple gray, his skin is black.

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doug - 2013-02-06
I agree about the Morgan breed....I owned two in the past......both are gone sad to say.....both were very smart and fast learners.. used as saddle rides only but were what I call 'Lap Horses' that is to say 'they needed to be near me all the time' would jump standard fence to be near me, and walk a cattle guard with ease. The Best! Doug

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DRESSAGE GIRL - 2012-01-26

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-01-27
    WOW you are definitely sold. It is on my bucket list of hings to do.
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samantha collins - 2010-11-09
I own an appaloosa and I am very lucky to have her. She is my best friend, I could've never asked for a better friend. She has defended me from other horses that get jealous. I love her. If you are looking for buying a first time horse, an Appaloosa is a very good choice. =)

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  • kassie - 2011-09-13
    I agree, appys are the best!!!
    My five year old mare is an angel!
  • michell - 2011-11-15
    I have an appaloosa too and she is the best horse Ive ever had :D I love her soo much.
  • robert edwards - 2011-11-23
    I have a 4 year old appy named Amigo and he is great. Love riding him and he loves people. Great horse.
  • Appies are the best! - 2013-04-15
    i LOVE my appie named pepper! best barrel horse ever!
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athompson - 2012-04-06
I have had my fjord gelding for 10 months now. He is very good natured but does have a will of his own when he wants to ex, Bucking when he can't get his own way and sometimes takes off unexpectedly when riding outside. Does anyone else have this?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-04-06
    I thought that was just spirit. You wouldn't want a riding companion that doesn't have a little personality and get up and go. Would you? Now, you know sometimes you just have to let the fella think he is the boss - and then learn how to lead. I much prefer a horse with a little personality then a peaceful, always there, blah personality. He is just got a little spirit. This can be true of any breed of horse ---
  • mrs colette perriman - 2012-08-18
    Yes I have a fjord as well and he's the same.  He was great when I first got him but now very strong, and tries it on when out hacking, turns me round to go his way and I try turning him round again he gets a right strop and starts playing up. I'm quite a nervous rider to so he scares me when he does this.  If I  let him he would gallop all the way back to the yard. But so good on the ground,and very loving,just chances when out hacking.
  • Jim Smith - 2013-04-22
    Sounds to me as though the horse is in control not the rider. I have spent my entire life (58 years old)around horse. I trained professionally for 10 year, worked as a blacksmith for another 10, the balance showing and just enjoying horses. Any horse can have the issues you are experiencing with your horse. Sounds as if you would benefit from some round pen work, getting your horse in control, as well as taking the rough edges off before mounting up and heading down the trail.
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Dee M. - 2012-01-23
I used to have a Mini. Their very smart and cute!

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-01-24
    Yes, they are fun. I had 3 mini's and one would always jump in my lap, gently but I couldn't get him out of my lap. They were loads of fun.
  • Dee M. - 2012-01-26
    Yeah, sweet, mine was called Nero. What were yours named?
  • Charlie Roche - 2012-01-27
    The one that jumped in my lap every time I sat down was black as coal and I named him Blackie. The two females were 2 inches larger and we named them Nicky and Queen. We had 7 large dogs and the horses would run with the dogs (or vice versa) and one time the horses ate the dog good cuz I forgot to cloe the kennel door. Not a good day and definitely a mess but funny. Kids let the horses in the house one day --
    It was fun.
  • Dee M. - 2012-01-29
    What happened to your minis?
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Willa - 2012-01-26

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-01-27
    Yes, they are good jumpers and in manycase they are trained for racin and jumping. hey are a fairly light horse. Now, if you re looking fr a horse that jut does competitive jumping - possibly you would want o keep looking but for a companion, disposition, raciing, ridding ad jumping this is a greeat pick.
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Heather Morrison - 2011-02-27
Hi all I own this beautiful lady above her name is Trienke, I have had since she was 6mths old, they think is she has been unwell since Oct 2010 came down with a colic type illness, but at the on set of her illness showed none of the usual signs of colic which bemused my vet, however did get better when treated for colic and an obstruction. She has never managed to put any weight back on and still looks tucked up, to date she has had another 5 attacks the vet have internally examined her, given tube fed liquid paraffin, painkillers a 5 day panacur worming program buscopan and pain relief but nothing worked, more recently I had bloods ran on her to check liver and kidney function but they came back normal, the vet said had he not seen her he would have told me not to worry you have a healthy horse, however because he has seen her there has to be something else underlying has anyone come across this type of illness with their horse before as I am desperate for any advice HELP.

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  • Mariah Rain - 2011-06-18
    I don't know if this applies to horses but awhile ago I had for five years a chronic abdominal pain that no one could find an explanation or cure for. Then I went to a certain gastrointeroligist and he found that I had a bacterial infection in my small intestine that emitted gas when I ate certain foods. The small intestine in human beings anyway isn't supposed to produce gas, perhaps this could be what is wrong with your horse?
  • Sonja - 2012-09-02
    I too have a Friesian mare that has colic once. Took five days to pass, scary!! Are you familiar with SmartPak? They are a supplement company with an excellent staff with tons of knowledge. They have helped us tremendously. Also, Aloe Vera juice will help with her insides. Good Luck
  • Esteban - 2012-09-26
    Other than waiting fore a vet to come, there is only one product anyone can use to stop colic in a horse. It's an alternative treatment called Equine Colic Relief. I have first hand experience that it really works. It is all natural and has a shelf life of 11 years! Helps me to have some on hand.
  • HeyWatch - 2013-02-04
    A very high percentage of horses have ulcers. They will display the symptoms you have mentioned. There is a product available from your veterinarian called Omeprazole that WILL WORK if this is your horses issue. There is no downside to using this drug, and I suggest you do not waste your money getting expensive tests, just treat the horse and wait to see if you get results (You should notice a difference in 2 weeks). This can be a lifesaver for horses with ulcers, and if you are not familiar with this ailment, you will be amazed when you reasearch independant studies on how many horses will have this (Example: 86% of racing thoroughbreds). I do wish you the best with your problem. I think I should add on here, I do not have any affiliation with Omeprazole whatsoever. The dosage I USE when I suspect this problem with a horse is 20cc by mouth one time per day for 2 weeks, then 10 cc per day as a maintenance dose. I always go back to the loading dose if the horse is under any stress, such as travelling or showing. Please check the instructions on your bottle, as there may possibly be different formulations on the market...I am from Canada. Good Luck :) !!
  • Horse lover - 2013-05-09
    Can I ask why your lovely lady has boy parts?
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annie - 2012-10-14
I have heard that caspian stallions can be handled by kids. Not that I'd suggest it!... Is it true? Also from info I've got on this breed, it sounds like a perfect child's pony. Apparently theres only approx 1,500 caspians in the world. Is that true? If so, Its a real pity that such a wonderful pony is SO endangered. -Annie


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