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  Imported into the United States in the late 1880's, the Percheron became America's favorite horse!
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Mary Lynn - 2010-11-29
Hello, I just added a 2 1/2 yr old filly to our family. She is beautiful, noble, gentle and has a great temperament. I just love her!

Jen Gillis - 2010-11-15
I just adopted a 13 yr old gelding. He is the sweetest animal ever & I am in love!

Tom Lincoln - 2010-09-13
We got our Percheron Odin in July. What a great horse breed.

Debbie M. - 2010-06-26
I have just bought a Percheron gelding and every time I look at him, his noble manner and bearing takes my breath away. He is the first Draft Horse I have ever owned and I can only hope to do right by him.

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  • Tom Lincoln - 2010-07-24
    Stephanie and I have just done the same. His name is Odin.
  • Amanda - 2010-08-05
    I am just in the waiting for my little guy to be ready to leave mommy and come home. I am excited but nervous, and feel the same way hopfully I do right by him. Plan to show him and wow what an awesome trail rider he will be.
  • JoJo - 2010-08-18
    Debbie, I am taking delivery on a Percheron gelding also. My first draft, finally a horse I feel small with. He is a liver chestnut, though, and everyone keeps telling me he has to be a cross as they don't come in that color. But with no papers, I can't prove pureblood.
brooke davis - 2010-01-10
That's a beautiful horse.