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  Imported into the United States in the late 1880's, the Percheron became America's favorite horse!
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Debbie M. - 2010-06-26
I have just bought a Percheron gelding and every time I look at him, his noble manner and bearing takes my breath away. He is the first Draft Horse I have ever owned and I can only hope to do right by him.

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  • Tom Lincoln - 2010-07-24
    Stephanie and I have just done the same. His name is Odin.
  • Amanda - 2010-08-05
    I am just in the waiting for my little guy to be ready to leave mommy and come home. I am excited but nervous, and feel the same way hopfully I do right by him. Plan to show him and wow what an awesome trail rider he will be.
  • JoJo - 2010-08-18
    Debbie, I am taking delivery on a Percheron gelding also. My first draft, finally a horse I feel small with. He is a liver chestnut, though, and everyone keeps telling me he has to be a cross as they don't come in that color. But with no papers, I can't prove pureblood.
  • catelyn - 2014-04-23
    It does come in chesnut.
Amanda - 2013-12-02
I recently acquired a 3 or 4 year old Percheron/Paint cross. I do not know exactly how old she is, she came from an auction. The man at the auction knew her mother was a gorgeous, very large black percheron mare, and her grandmother was a very large grey percheron mare and that her father was a paint and knew the lady who she was seized from (She was rescued from a dry lot) but we were forbidden from contacting the lady. My girl is between 14 and 15 hands right now, her ankles are very large in comparison to her feet and her rump is about a hand taller than her withers. How much taller do you think she might get? Keep in mind that she was malnourished which may have stunted her growth. All comments are greatly appreciated! I just want to find out as much as I can about this beautiful girl as I have started many many horses, but never a draft of any kind. Thank you!!

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-12-10
    From its parentage, Percherons range in height from 15 to 19 hands high while Paint horses generally stand less than 16 hands high. So it could be anywhere from 15 to 19 hands high, but my guess is that it will probably be closer to the 15ish height.
  • Brenda - 2014-01-07
    From what I have learned she is as tall as she will get, but will get bulkier. Around 5 years of age percherons will mature.
  • Kimberly Dixon - 2014-03-10
    I, too, rescued a malnourished Percheron at the age of about 2. We have come a long way! He is almost 17 hands and beautiful! The correct diet and the room to run has made such a diference with him. I think Max has topped out and will not get any taller but he is thickening up quite well. The vet said his muscle mass would not be as thick as a well nourished foal would have been but he is very thick and has the beautiful thinck percheron neck so I think it all depends on how they are fed and the conditions they are rescued to. Good luck, this big boy of mine is the best horse I have ever owned and I have 26 on my farm!
Connie Anderson - 2014-02-22
My first horse was and is a Percheron. His name is Maximus. He's 16.3 and I would say about 1800 lbs. He turned 9 this year, and he's at a ranch in Colorado with his family. I left there to take work somewhere else, but I miss him so much. I saw him at Christmas and he was so kind and receptive to me...after he was done eating of course. I can hardly wait to spend time with him this spring and summer. I'm so proud of him and he knows it. He still is amazing to me. All horses are magnificent creatures. I think I'm going to get a tattoo of his head on my other shoulder. Thanks for letting me talk about him.

Kimberly Dixon - 2013-07-17
I just rescued an approximately 18 month old Percheron gelding who is underweight but not terribly malnurished at this point. I have always had quarter horses and have never owned a draft. I am at a loss as to what to feed him and when to start training him with a saddle. I have heard so many opinions and none around here has experience with a draft. Can you please give me some ideas. I know I am going to clicker train him as I did my quarters but when is my question. This is the most loving and sweetest baby I have ever rescued I don't want to discourage him from being that way.

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  • Crystal Komenda - 2013-07-28
    Greetings! I have owned a Percheron Mare for 10 years now. She was a driving horse and when I got her at the age of 11 decided to try her out as a trailhorse. She took well to Natural Horsemanship and trailriding. I think that as long as you use the 'Release is Reward' way of thinking that no matter what kind of training you do, you will be fine. I am very excited for you and wish you many many years of wonderful enjoyment with this animal!
  • Kimberly Dixon - 2013-08-07
    Thank you so much. My challenge with him now appears to be keeping him in a fence. He has realized he can push down the vinyl fencing and get out so he goes into everyone else's pasture. Not a fan of electric fencing but this may be the time I have to use it. Any suggestions on training him to stay in?
  • Brenda - 2014-01-07
    I did not like electric fence either. With these draft horses and as big as they get you need an electric fence. It's not bad really I've been zapped a few times myself. They only have to hit it once or twice and they remember ! I have worked with the percherons for five years now and we have had as many as twelve percherons in pastures, none of them get out of the electric fence. Now the foals will go under the fence and get out. Once they touch the electric fence they remember. It is for their safety...
Anonymous - 2013-08-29
I purchased a 2 year old 1/2 Percheron 1/2 quarter horse paint, who is 16.2 right now. He is gorgeous, sweet and really friendly and lovable. I was wondering when I should start riding him, he will be 2-1/2 in November. As I was told they develop lot slower..

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-09-01
    When I was growing up we had quarter horses and quarter horse mixes. We would start working them at 2 years, and then by about 3 years we were starting to get on them.
Beth Covert - 2010-10-08
In March 2010 we rescued a beautiful 18 month Percheron filly from possibly going to slaughter. With proper nutrition she has grown up and filled out. A breeder has looked at her and said she appears to be well bred and very nicely put together. All that and she is an absolute sweetheart! She will be heading to a training facility in January 2011 to start her driving training.

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  • eva - 2012-02-19
    A SWEETHARt - sweet! I am all for animal rights, killing any-thing is cruel especially a little baby like your filly. I'm soooo glad you saved her!
Valerie McIntyre - 2011-10-23
My Percheron mare has been with me since she was 5 years old. She will be 19 come feb. She is a doll.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-10-24
    That is a big horse. Beautiful.
Anita Arnold - 2011-10-25
We have a 6 month old Percheron mix filly. We want to train her to pull a cart. Her sire is part of a team that pulls a carriage at parades and rodeos.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-10-26
    That would be loads of fun - can I come?
ilovhorses - 2013-01-15
I have just added a Arabian x Percheron, 19 yr, old, gelding. I have to say that he is the most handsome horse I have seen and most websites don't say that they are good at dressage, but my horse is. It may be the arabian side of him.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-01-15
    Very cool! Sounds like a really nice horse:)
Margaret Westrop - 2012-06-29
I have a Shire x Percheron and he turns three years old in October. What age do I back him and start riding him?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-06-30
    He is old enough now.  Many start just a little younger (like 2 1/2 years) but 3 is old enough.  He is somewhat ground trained?  Saddle?  Harness, stall etc?  If not you would definitely start with that first.