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klyia - 2009-02-24
This pony is cute!

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Anonymous - 2009-09-10
That is a nice looking horse.

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Valerie McIntyre - 2011-10-23
My Percheron mare has been with me since she was 5 years old. She will be 19 come feb. She is a doll.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-10-24
    That is a big horse. Beautiful.
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rob - 2013-05-11
I just bought a mini horse for my 6 year old son. It is a 2 year old mare and has temporary pedigree papers... how do you get permanent papers? It seems complicated, unlike my dog pedigree paper work. I'm not sure about showing or breeding my kid is it worth it to have papers? S  he is a great companion for my other horse, and a nice addition to our campgrounds petting zoo. Super cute. Any ideas or advice is appreciated.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-05-15
    What a great addition to the petting zoo, and nice buddy for your other horse. I bet everybody will love him. I really think its up to you whether you get pedigree papers on it, probably only important if you plan on breeding it to sell pedigee offspring. Here's a good website that is one of the references for this site, MIniature  which has info about  miniatur horse breeders, clubs, award and more.
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My Holsteiner Story - 2012-01-29
I had a holsteiner mare. She died at 21 years, 3 months ago. I really miss her. In her life she had 2 foals. Her name was Kai.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-01-30
    I am sorry - nothing like losing a companion after so many years. They are with you always.
  • My Holsteiner Story - 2012-02-15
    Thanks~I had Kai for 17 years. (I still have one of her foals, its a girl I named Kassie,after her mom)
  • Anonymous - 2012-03-02
    Poor Horse and Poor You!
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Anonymous - 2012-02-15
Some people think ICELANDIC HORSES are Ponies.
Fiction: they are Ponies=NO

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  • Claire - 2012-09-24
    Thank you SO much for that. I have been wondering weather they are horses or ponies and ever site I go to is no help what so ever. So again thank you very very much for that!:)
  • Anonymous - 2012-10-14
    Cool. I used to think that the Icelandics were ponies. Now I know...!
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Hershey Bar - 2010-08-28
They are beautiful. Have a great sense of humor and like to play. Eager to please. Great for a first horse for an older child.

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Tina - 2012-09-17
Can anyone confirm, that if a Thoroughbred Stallion is gelded at age 7, that he will always have his stallion bad habits- he is now 8 and being very pushy, taking off, fighting w/ other horses, badly enough to have one swift kick to another horse and killed it. Not a good option to rescue for a teenage experienced rider??

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-09-18
    Memories - ah those memories.  Most say it would take a year or so for the stallion to calm a bit but many say, he just won't.  He was mature and was a stalion and those behaviors have become part of his personality.  It is possible he may calm down but at 7 - he was a mature male and he will most likely retain the behaviors. 
  • Keeva - 2013-03-01
    Yes most stallions have it in their head from a very young age that there the ringleaderso best be geldedat 2-3 years old.
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Raea - 2011-10-06
The part about melanomas is actually not true. Most Lipizzaners are born with dark skin which does not lighten (only the hair does), and melanomas in the breed are very rare. Though they appear white in time, they are not classed as true white (or cremello) because of this. I own a young lippizaner gelding and though he has already lightened to a dapple gray, his skin is black.

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doug - 2013-02-06
I agree about the Morgan breed....I owned two in the past......both are gone sad to say.....both were very smart and fast learners.. used as saddle rides only but were what I call 'Lap Horses' that is to say 'they needed to be near me all the time' would jump standard fence to be near me, and walk a cattle guard with ease. The Best! Doug


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