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peter pickering - 2014-08-02
Re Clydesdale Horses. Small point. Your article mentioned "feathers", the long hair on the lower part of the legs. The correct term is "feather", no "S". Feathers are on birds. Sorry to be so pedantic but can someone delete the "s".

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    Kelly Hoffman Patterson - 2014-07-14
    I have a 5-6 yr old Fjord, shy of 15 hands and about 1100lbs. Just moved him to Florida from Nebraska. Everyone that sees him says he is fat. He does not have a belly and to me, looks good. Only thing I notice, but thought it a Fjord thing, is his crested neck. He is in a large paddock but does need some exercise, which starts this weekend with the round pen. He is only on hay, from Nebraska, right now. Should I be feeding anything else? supplements, etc?

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    • Clarice Brough - 2014-07-22
      Sounds like you have a wonderful horse. Hay is very good and should be the main component of a horses diet as it provides roughage. There are also many specialized supplements for coat, joints, and hooves that can be fed for extra nutrition. However, I would talk to an equine veterinarian in the area about his diet before adding supplementation. You can learn more diet in the horse feeding section on the 'Horse Care Page'... here: Feeding
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    Anonymous - 2013-07-23
    I plan on getting a baby appaloosa but I'm only 13 and have to pay for it myself. I'm so happy except I don't want to pay so much for something I may not enjoy. Would someone please tell me if this is the right choice or if I should go for something else!?

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    • Jasmine Brough Hinesley - 2013-07-25
      Appaloosas can have good temperaments. It depends! Other good horses are Quarter Horses and Paint Horses.
    • Anonymous - 2013-11-07
      definately how lucky. it is a once in a life time oportunity for a 13 year old, im 13 but im getting an appaloosa next year when i am 14.
    • bob ahaha - 2014-04-11
      I have one they're so cool very, good at pole bending get one it's cool!
    • Alli Erbeck - 2014-07-13
      They are very calm and a good calm ride. I'm 14 and have my own. I have no experience with male Appaloosas. But I have a female and she is low maintenance and always ready to ride. I'm not sure if it is common in others, but mine does not like when other horses are behind her, but she is paired with my miniature horse and is fine with it. Be careful!
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    Anonymous - 2011-11-26
    I love paint horses because they are very fine.

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    • Charlie Roche - 2011-11-28
      Yes they are.
    • Anonymous - 2011-12-21
      Yes they are, I currently have one ( a stallion named Buddy)
    • RIFFKI S. - 2012-01-26
    • Anonymous - 2014-07-10
      Yup I wish I owned one.
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    syed husnain abid - 2012-03-10
    I want to purchase a Malwari mare any 1 can help me???

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    • Anand Shahdeo - 2013-10-26
      Hi Syed, It's nice to know that you're interested in getting a marwari horse for yourself but I'd like to give a hint to you about the hassles of keeping a pet, especially a horse, they live for 30 years and need a lot of care on daily, weekly and monthly basis. So better start with joining a horse training school first and when after 6 months you still feel like having a horse of your own GO to animal fairs at Pushkar, rajasthan or Nagaur, rajasthan or to Sonepur, Bihar or contact Jodhpur equestrian club or any other reputed farms like Sarli farm 09779050700 or other such farms they will provide you a horse according to your needs.
    • Dhaval ahir - 2014-07-10
      Hey guys!.. Don't you want to talk about kadhiyavari horses?
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    Jazminne - 2013-09-02
    My mom wants to get a horse for the family, but does anyone know how much to feed it?

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    • Jasmine Brough Hinesley - 2013-09-02
      It really depends on many factors. What type of horse are you getting? How old is the horse?
    • Anonymous - 2013-11-07
      just try and feed it different things and see if it likes it but i recommend you look the horse up before hand.
    • Shamalama ding dong - 2014-01-16
      Wow!!!!!!!! thats soo cool. I got one for Christmas!
    • Hailey Newsome - 2014-04-26
      Most horses like carrots and apples.
    • Pat - 2014-06-23
      what to feed will depend a lot on size, usage, and the individual animal. good pasture in the summer, good hay(never moldy) when pasture is not available. obviously a heavy built 16 hand horse, will need more than a 13hand pony. some will stay fat on less, while others need more just to walk around. I have a mini donkey who gets hog-fat just on pasture in the summer, and I have to put him on a diet the rest of the year, but there are others who aren't such easy keepers. if it's ridden, or worked, a lot it will need more just to maintain condition. I would suggest that, before an animal is purchased, you talk to several people who already have horses, and buy a book on basic horsekeeping. horsekeeping is a big responsibility, and you should learn all you can before that purchase is made. Pat
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    Anonymous - 2011-06-04
    I absolutely love dutch warmbloods!!!

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    • Charlie Roche - 2011-06-04
      They are gorgeous.
    • Anonymous - 2014-06-17
      They are a beautiful creature.
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    Mariah Rain - 2011-06-18
    My mom and I are looking to buy a friesian horse and I know they are relatively prone to colic...What would anyone suggest for a healthy, balanced diet for a friesian? I've been searching on the internet but it's come up with so many different supplements and feeds that I cannot decide which is best for my horse.

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    • Audrey - 2011-08-14
      Absent any statistical proof, I'm not sure I agree that Friesians are any more prone to colic than any other breed. I do all I can to keep my Friesians healthy - plenty of turnout (12+ hours per day or 24/7), free choice grass hay (the closer to organic, the better and don't limit! If your horse is getting fat, they need more exercise, not less hay!), automatic waterers (to ensure they are getting fresh, not stagnant water), lots of exercise to promote hunger and keep weight off, herd companionship, regular worming, pick your pastures and paddocks (yes, I do, every week), and I only use one feed supplement that I strongly believe in - Progressive Feed. I use the Grass Balancer. Any vitamins or minerals that are missing in the grass or hay I am feeding, are covered by that supplement. NO OTHER SUPPLEMENTS - avoid toxicity. Take a look at They are the best, and believe me, I've researched ad nauseum. Good luck! Put your horse first and remember - one of the biggest ways to cause colic is to limit feed. Keep the gut moving at all times!
    • mike - 2011-12-28
      My horse sound just like your does, I think I gave him too much wormer that has been 3 mo ago and he is just now starting to put on weight. I have talk to a old time horse trainer he said some horse will loss weight get sick. I too had a vet out and no luck it was just time and good care I hope your horse get better I hope this will help.

    • christiana - 2012-02-01
      I'm breeding Friesians since 18 years and we very,very seldom had colic problems.These horses don't need lots and any special food. If they are not working hard every day,-they only have to get a good grass timo. mixture hay. Never ever overfeed them ! Their bodies don't need that much food like other hose breeds. To much protein will give them the problems, like colics and laminitis or founder. No moldy hay ,lots of room to move around, some four-legged friends and lots of love.
    • Marie - 2013-11-03
      We have a Friesan/Canadian X and she has never had colic, although she likes to roll. She is currently living outside on pasture and hay and quite a belly. Since we have been working her out lately, she has lost her belly. I give her an equalizer to give her the missing vitamins without the extra calories. She has since 3 months now lost her belly. She is looking really fit and really healthy.
    • Lynne - 2014-06-08
      My Friesian gelding is 14 years old and I have owned him for 6 years. He is 'healthy as a horse'. Good quality hay and grain and water… thank goodness, never had a problem. Just a magnificent animal. I would have 10 of them if I could. A breeder in Connecticut has many Friesians upwards of 20 years old… they are all healthy… lot of carrots, corn oil, honey and finely ground flaxseed seems to do the trick.
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    Anonymous - 2014-05-19
    I love ponies.

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    MS. H. Ollava - 2012-01-26
    Are these the horses that walk with their hind quarters down? PLS reply.

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    • Charlie Roche - 2012-01-27
      They have a unique walk to them and are very comfortable to ride. Narrower an the walk and smooth. Not exactly sure what you mean by hind quarters own? Tucked?
    • Charlie Roche - 2012-01-27
      I did some research on hindquarters on a walk in a horse and any of the material I found said that some horses can be 'trained' to walk with the hindquarters lower or tucked but it is a training. It is not a natural thing and in fact will disrupt the natural gait of the horse. It is used fo show, tricks and is not a natural gait for a horse and if the horse appears to naturally walk like this, there is probably something wrong. On this note, vets went into breathing in the abdomen and the side to side gait and why it is there etc and it was over my head on the terms. Regardless, anything I could find said not natural for hindquarters to be own.
    • Brooke - 2014-05-18
      Yes, that form of walking is referred to as 'the big lick'. It has a lot of controversy on wether or not it is harmful to the walking horse. Some of the trainers do a thing called soaring to promote the gait, but it is highly illegal and looked for at all of the shows. The stacked and weighted shoes are commonly used, but can cause long term hoof and leg problems. Tennessee walking horses can do much more then the big lick, that is just one thing they commonly are trained to do. I own one myself and he just rides pleasure and never big lick trained.

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