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The Rottweiler has a very long history, highly prized and favored as a companion and helper!
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azmina zazu aboobaker - 2012-10-14
I have a 11 month old rott and I wanted to find out at what age will he start barking?thanks :)

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-10-14
    There is no age that they start. Really depends on the dog.  He may not have found a reason to bark yet.
  • Romit - 2014-01-22
    Same problem with my 5 month rottie too
deep - 2012-09-27
I have 3 month old rottweiler she's very weak. I'm giving her puppy feed and dairy and multivitamins but no effect. What should I give to her

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-09-27
    Rottweilers are usually pretty active puppies so I would be concerned as you say she is weak.  A good puppy food and water should be all you initially need.  If you feel she is weak, I'd get her to a vet and have her checked out.  Could be worms or just sick - could be nothing but you would want to know.
  • Hilary - 2013-12-16
    Feed your puppy with carbohydrates food. Like mashed rice,yam, feed cereal etc
  • Anonymous - 2014-01-20
    Put royalcanni food and half boiled beef to give massive look and energy
Benjamin Aunger - 2012-12-05
I want to get a Rottweiler but I am afraid of how much it sheds and if I train it as a guard dog will it attack non bad people?!?!

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-12-06
    A Rottweiller really doesn't shed a lot and its hair is very very short.  Easy to keep clean without odor.  However, they are a little stubborn when it comes to training.  Treats are great and  playing/training is good.  Example you are both running inthe yard and you yell 'STOP' and you both 'STOP' or 'SIT' and you both 'SIT' because as pups they have a big amount of energy.  You don't have to train a Rottweiller to be a guard.  The Rottweiller will love you, your family, people you allow in your home etc.  They should be well socialized to be around all people with you.  Take them to town and walk around, let people pet him etc.  The more socialized the better.  As for guard - anyone who does not know your pup - is not going to go near your pup just cuz Rottweiller so automatically a guard dog.  They also know what is their territory and will stand guard.  But socialize him well to as many people as possible.
  • Anonymous - 2012-12-06
    Thank you so much!!!
  • jun morano - 2013-06-17
    I have a 5 months old male rottweiler with certificate, but his hair is somewhat thick and curly, base from what i read, their hair should be short and straight.. any comments on this? what should be the average height of male puppy at 5 months, mine is 17 kgs now. Thanks
  • Clarice Brough - 2013-06-18
    I think their coat can be 'wavy' looking, also  on size and height at 5 months, here's a  Rottweiler Growth Chart, enjoy:)
Anonymous - 2013-01-27
I bought a rottweiler puppy recently and it's fully black. My friends told me it's not pure because rottweiler should have two colors. Can someone help me with it? Also can you list some features to identify a pure puppy.

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  • Jasmine Brough Hinesley - 2013-01-27
    Yes generally as far as I know you can't get a fully black rottweiler. Did your rottweiler come with papers? That is the only true way to know for sure if your puppy is a mix or not.
german rottweilers - 2013-03-06
Rottweilers are mostly not scary and dangerous if treated properly. I have a female rottie who is about 3 years old. Rottweilers are good pets when treated properly.

kelvin izuogu - 2012-01-13
i have 11 months female rott,i want to know when it can be mate with a male.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-01-13
    I have been told fairly consistently to not breed a female dog until it's second heat - which is usually around a year old.
  • k. lott - 2013-01-26
    You should until she is at least 2 years of age, to be fully developed and mature enough (mentally also)for motherhood. Of course, she shall only be bred after passing hip and elbow exam. Not to mention if she has correct temperament and only to a sire that has the same and compliments her look.
Anonymous - 2013-01-18
Do rottweiters come in full black color?

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  • Jasmine Brough Hinesley - 2013-01-19
    Almost. They come in black but with usually some tannish red around their feet and undersides.
shelley - 2010-11-22
I have two Rottweilers and it is all on how you socialize your pet. Any dog can be mean and bite and just because they are big doesn't make them mean. Rottweilers are actually the best breed with children they will protect your child from any stranger and mine in fact would protect a strangers child that is how much he loves kids on another note I have a three yr old rottie who started having seizures and I was reluctant to start her on medicine which is phenobarbital and it will make her very out of it. Instead I chose to go with a holistic approach and recommend it to anyone with issues of seizures with any breed it is called allergic to get natural meds.

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  • Iris - 2011-10-06
    What can also help is to remember things that happened right before the seizure and see if its usually the same things going on and if you prevent that from happening then note how many times that they will com.
The Dog Guy - 2008-12-17
Rottweilers are not scary and dangerous when treated properly. I have a pure bred female rottie who is about 4 years old. She is not in any way aggressive. She thinks she's still a puppy and she thinks she can jump on people and be cute. She does get over excited when people are near and may give a little, painful nip, but she doesn't mean it. We describe her as a leaking tap because she's always drooling. She is also the vacuum because she scoffs up food in a second. They are good pets when treated properly.