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Originally bred to kill rats, the Yorkshire Terrier has a fearless disposition!
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rose - 2008-06-05
My daughter purchased a yorkie about a year ago. He is such a joy and a very precious little dog. He knows that he is a very important part of our family and is treated as such. Cotton is his name and he is, or think he is, a big dog. Talking about protective, he is so protective. We thought we couldn't love a tiny dog but when he came home it was love at first sight. I call him my little grandpuppy (grandson) :). A very good dog and a very special part of our lives.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-05-20
    They are awesome dogs, I bet you are having a wonder ful time. My sister-in-law had one, and he had so much character! He did think he was a big dog though, and had no fear of any other dog he encountered on walks. So she had to keep a close eye on him:) Still he was such a joy!
greg t. - 2012-03-02
I have a yorkie mix named Peoples that is the best thing in my life! He is getting heavy and his diet is chicken and rice and veg. I know that that is not a good diet to have but I spoil him. What can I do to reduce weight?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-03-02
    There are adult dog foods which contain lower calories - As they mature their matabolism slows and a yorkie just isn't very big. Treats???? Are you giving him what you consider a small amount of treats - just a little piece of toast or maybe a chip? Might want to think about a different treat too.
  • chelsey - 2012-11-19
    i would like to buy a mixed dog that is taen plesse
veronica - 2010-07-26
I want a yorkie but I have a baby brother that is 1 and little siblings ages of 4, 6, and 8 should I get one?

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  • anna - 2011-07-17
    You should get a yorkie just keep it away from the one year old and you could train it
Ray - 2010-06-07
My Yorkie, has been constipated lately. Today I noticed some blood in the stool. Is this serious?

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  • Linda Langham - 2011-01-23
    When my yorkie had this problem the vet said the glands in his anus is plugged up and if they don't get cleaned it will just stop again. If you have yours groomed your groomer should do this as part of the grooming! Hope this will help you with your problem.
vicky - 2010-03-22
Zoey is cute I have a question...Does she have a mate? We have this beautiful dog named TUBY hes 1yr and 3 months hes a pomeranian mixed with terrier.