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The Short-haired Chihuahua is the most popular of all types of Chihuahua!
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Tonya - 2009-02-19
hey bobby we have a short haired dog just like urs. we know a local family we sells them please call 843-423-2190 tonya wahlen and ruby owens

amoreena - 2008-11-16
hello, I'm amoreena. I'm 11 years old and I was wondering um if I could buy the dog I love that one. I've never had a dog but I've read about them and I can take care of that dog. Can you tell me if you are selling the dog if you are how much and could you tell me more about your dog.
please thank you.

Bobby - 2008-07-12
Hello, I am Bobby Wheeler. That is a nice chihuahua, I was wondering if you were selling that dog because my mom wants anoher chihuahua for our chihuahua to play with. We really need one! Thank you.