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The Short-haired Chihuahua is the most popular of all types of Chihuahua!
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patti casey - 2013-04-28
Any one know how keep short haired Chihuahua from Shedding so much?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-04-28
    Shedding can be caused by stress, a food alergy, and Warm weather can contribute to shedding too, as they go through a coat change. A bath as well as daily brushing will help. A high qualtity dog food can also help reduce the shedding some.
  • Anonymous - 2014-01-09
    My dog is shedding a whole lot more than usual it's never been a bother but she's white and now just lately I've noticed that there's more so I combed and brushed her last night, but she just came and gave me some lovin and when I put her down I noticed a lot of hair, way more than it should considering I combed and brushed her butt just last night! She's my first dog so I'm wondering if there's something wrong?
kaja - 2012-09-29
I love them! ! ! ! !

Debbie Hayden - 2012-09-20
We adopted a Short-haired apple head Chihuahua! He has stolen our hearts ..Hes loved by everyone he meets ..His name is Peanut. Our grandsons just adore him..

Marie Brooks - 2012-08-08
I was lucky enough to adopt a little short haired chihuahua named Miracle. I'd never owned a small dog as I'd lived on a ranch and always had large breeds. but due to circumstances I moved away and was given my little Miracle as the owners were going to put her in the pound. She's always a joy, she loves me so much and she's as viscious as a pit bull if she senses danger. I've fallen in love with the breed and will probalby always have one!

Chant - 2012-05-24
How to feed a 2 week old

LYNETTE M PASCUAL - 2012-04-23
My husband and I are parents to two short-haired chi, a male and female. The male chi-'Bass' is small weighing only 3 pounds while the female, 'Pearl' weighs 6lbs. They are loveable dogs and are very loyal. At night when I have to get up to go to the bathroom, Pearl wakes up and goes with me. They are with me wherever I go. The male dog sleeps with us while the female sleeps under our bed. We bought a male long-haired pup recently to complete our pack. I love these small dogs and won't settle for any other breed.

christine - 2009-07-07
i was enterested in your puppy.
i am diabectic type one, i just want a puppy to love on cause its hard for me.
if you would give me information about the puppy and the price.
thank you! and god bless you!!

Maria Ortiz - 2010-08-31
My chihuahua has little clumps of blood in her urine and she passed her menstrual cycle two weeks ago, what could it be?

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  • shelley - 2011-09-21
    Dogs are in heat almost one month from time of start possible it's still her heat.
Tashlin - 2010-03-10
Hi i love how small and cute this dog is, i have always wanted one for myself.

Tonya - 2009-02-19
hey bobby we have a short haired dog just like urs. we know a local family we sells them please call 843-423-2190 tonya wahlen and ruby owens