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   The Pomeranian is a classy looking toy breed, being small and fluffy with a fox-like face.
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Julz - 2012-02-29
I wat a toy Pom so badly!

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  • Toto, Sydney, 7yo. - 2012-03-10
    Hello Pom friend. Read up all you can about Poms. This site is good. Wiki too.
    My little buddy is 7 y o now and he's just great. All the advice on this site is good. Our boy only knows, 'wait/wait a bit'. and 'lets go, lets go'. We don't bother with the other silly nonsense. Some Poms seem to be aggressive towards little kids but its more bad manners than attack. Some will be yappy but train them early and they only shout when someone's at your front gate etc. Great guard dog in that respect. Sadly medical probs because of overbreeding. Genetic faults multiplying through each successive reproduction, I think. When you get one, save money to help with your vet bills. We don't brush ours and we trim him to help with the heat. Teeth are small and its very important to use dog toothpaste, otherwise, $$$$! Start with 'pomrescue' in google etc and find breeders. Warning: They are Pomeranians. (period) Teacup/miniature/toy is garbage! Don't go to people who advertise this nonsense. Colour also includes sable/brindle, which is a mix of dark long hairs in the regular coat, giving an attractive definition and character to the dog. Good luck. :-) Ours actually answers back! Backtalk! can you believe it? I could not, the 1st time we told him inside when we were leaving. He gave a very dissatisfied growl and turned around. NOT happy :-) ha ha ha. He still does it :-)
zubair - 2012-02-23
WOW, What a nice puppy dog.

Anonymous - 2011-12-13
I love dogs

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-12-14
    Me too
Roberta - 2011-09-21
I have a female pom and she is pregnent how long does it take before they have thier puppies. i love my baby she is a good dog to have around , she is so loving I got her as a abused dog and to this day she is scared of loud noises.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-09-21
    Dogs are pregnant from 55 - 63 days. So about 55 - 63 days from the time she did "IT" you should have puppies. Congratulations it is fun. It is work but it is fun. Be prepared ahead of time - OK?
Joy - 2008-09-17
This is the cutiest dog ever!

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  • Emily Hessipon & KATE ♥ - 2011-09-19
    Yup, sure is (((((:
Emel - 2010-02-26
I want to buy a pomeranian but I'm not sure that it would be happy in a hot climate (Turkey)

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  • sarwan - 2011-08-02
    Yeah, it's hard to keep in hot envirnoment but no problem you can keet it with some extra attention.
laura conner - 2011-02-19
My daughter has a toy pom and it is getting where he doesn't listen when she wants him to come inside and he snaps at her and doesn't listen to her commands. What is the best advice you can give?

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  • Yvonne Eland - 2011-06-12
    This sounds like a case of not having done your homework when your Pom was a puppy. Early socialization with other dogs and people is very essential. I suggest that you start to assert yourself as the pack leader as well as your daughter, do not back off, take him for walks to get a closer bond and do not let him do the leading. When you call him have a treat ready and never chase him rather go the other way and the chances are he will follow you. Please let me know how this works and I will do my utmost to help. I also have a Pom but he is well aware of who the boss is! Best wishes Yvonne Dog Trainer
aldora - 2010-11-20
I want to know the cost of a white German Spitz "girl" toy.
If it is crossed with a French Poodle, it will be alright, as long as it is a girl, white and toy.

Tiffany - 2010-08-31
I am getting my first Pomeranian tomorrow. She is 4 years old and weighs 3 and 3/4 pounds. I am so excited that I can hardly sleep. She is a definite small dog. Hoping her disposition fits in!