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   The Long-haired Chihuahua is a classy little dog, full of personality and spunk.
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Benjamin Cobb - 2012-02-08
i have a Long-haired Chihuahua his name is paco and i love him to death and he gets along with are other 4 dogs just thay like to bairy him so he dont go out with the others

Tony Estabrooks - 2012-02-02
I also have a long hair chihuahua and his name is Taco aka Taco bell. And i love him to death.Taco bell is very good with my 3 cats and he would play with one of them. And he only 2 years old. And he is also great when i am feeling down and he is my best friend in the world.

Bella\'s Mom - 2011-07-05
I have a long haired chihuahua named Bella. She's now 13 weeks and her coat is still pretty short, with a little longer coat around her ears and neck. When does their coat normally come in or do some long hair chihuahua give birth to short coats. I saw both of her parents and they were both long coat. New to the breed and very confused.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-07-05
    I will try and answer. The coat on a your little chihauhua is not really going to grow faster than the hair on your head. Sometimes it just takes awhile. Also, right now her coat is a baby coat. At approximately 6 months old they will "blow" this baby coat and look like a regular chihauhau. Sometimes the coat stays long around the head but usually the coat just sorta dissapears. Don't be alarmed as this is normal. Then your little guy will start to grown his adult coat which the long hairs are known for. This can take as much time as a year but you will have a long haired looking chihuahau before that. But the coat probably won't be the length it is going to be as a full grown adult for up to a year.
  • Bella\'s Mom - 2011-07-05
    Thanks for the info.
  • Jeanette - 2011-07-10
    I have a long hair chihuahua female she is 3 years old it takes a full year for them to get their full coat, in males longer, and in the summer their coat will stay slightly long but not thick. When my baby gets her fur in the winter she is really fluffy kinda like a Pomeranian but not so thick you will notice a big difference as she gets older make sure you brush her you don't want her to start getting knots ;)
  • Alex - 2011-07-12
    Their coats come in around 3 years old. I'm getting a long hair chi in a couple week and I've been doing lots of reaserch :) :) :) :) :) :)
sandra elizondo - 2012-01-08
I have a long haired male chi he's about 1 yr old he is fully house trained and a very good dog. I only have one thing he always puts off a bad odor, if after a good bath. Can anyone help, I have tried everything?

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  • Linda Brown - 2012-01-14
    Might be anal glands that he releases after a bath or any other stressful situations. The vet will express these glands. It is a defense reaction that is common. I have a Bichon that does the same thing. Hope this might help.
paul - 2011-12-16
we are looking for a longhair chihuahuas

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  • mike parnell - 2012-01-11
    Did you find a long haired chihuahua?
  • canalpet - 2012-01-13
    hi dear i do have puppies for free adoption to a lovely home that will be willing to take care of my baby lyly
    thanks waiting to read from you
Cathy Budwash - 2012-01-12
Couple looking for Long hair Chihuahua. Resonably priced.

Kaye - 2010-11-22
I have a 6 yr old female long hair chihuahua. She is a very sweet dog, good with kids, & a great companion dog. Her only problem is that she vomits all the time. It is the worst at night when she's sleeping. It wakes her up and she usually doesn't even have time to get off the couch or out of her bed. Mostly it is a thick, clear fluid but sometimes contains her dog good. I've banned people food treats and feed her dried food for a sensitive stomach. The vet has scoped her & found nothing. Does anyone have a solution? She's ruining my carpet!

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  • Linda - 2010-12-21
    I would suggest your vet check for tumors around the bottom of the stomach. I had a minpin that did the same thing. He had a tumor that was causing it. The tumor also cause chronic pancreatitis. Something to check out.
  • Wanda - 2011-01-14
    Might be allergies to the foods that she is eating, read the diet for these dogs on this website, beef is not recommended.
  • Josh - 2011-01-21
    My chihuahua had a problem with that too, but I switched up his feeding schedule and it seems to do the trick. He would wake me up early in the morning heaving on my chest! I recommend feeding her smaller portions more often.
  • rosa - 2012-01-07
missy wimer - 2012-01-06
We have a long hair chihuahua she is so sweet, but the only problem we're
having is she has real long hair on her butt so everytime she has a bowel
movement it sticks and hangs in her hair. I've tried cutting it but it still sticks. Any ideas please help.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-01-06
    You have seen a poodle with the typical poodle cut? I have seen that on the long haired chihauhua. Literally from the hip bones and down to the knees the pup is shaved - completely shaved. From the back knees on down, there is hair. The tail except for the tip is also shaved. I never thought about there being a actually reason for this - just thought the people had a preferance. If I was having the problem you describe - that is what I would do - different but cute look.
Heather Rahming - 2011-12-14
I just got a 10 week old long haired Chihuahua (Willow) She is just like a little baby. I have a 3 lbs toy rat terrier (Bella)and they get along just fine.Willow sleeps through the night right above my head. She's the most perfect Christmas present and fits in perfectly w our family. Ryan heather, keira ( my daughter ), Bella ( toy rat terrier ), Jada ( cat that was born on my wedding day), klara (keiras lil adorable hamster ) and now Willow!!! So thankful!!

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-12-16
    You have a houseful - it is fun and so much company.
margaret mott - 2011-12-12
Give baby food with no onion or salt