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   The Long-haired Chihuahua is a classy little dog, full of personality and spunk.
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Sunny B - 2014-03-20
I rescued ROXI a Longcoated Chihuahua/long coated Daschund...she is my shadow and she sticks to me like Velcro. Very she ain't going nowhere. My question is with this mixture do I need to be concerned with other health issues? She weighs 16 lbs---9 inches tall. One blue eye...just curious.

Vickie - 2014-03-19
We adopted a long hair Chi almost a year ago, he was so dirty and matted we shaved him down, it is winter and he still has not filled in. Louie is about 1 1/2 years old and his bark is sometimes a scream. Plus he has green eyes and a very light tan nose? Louie has a bonded sister who we also adopted and she is a pom. They love each other and share a Kennel while we are at work. I have also found that he must eat barley and fish dog food or he will pull his hair off his knees. I guess all I am needing to know is if Louie is normal? We had a pit for 14 years and was an easy to take care of dog.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-03-20
    It sounds like your little dog is doing fine. He's eating and I'm assuming his weight is holding. Although the normal size for a Chihuahua is 4 - 6 lbs., some will weigh as little as 2 lbs. when full grown. These little dogs don't each much, and it is often recommended to offer them a small protion of food several times a day. Make sure you offer a quality dog food, the main portion, 40% should be proteins, with the rest rice (barley is fine) and some vegetables. Most suggest chichen, but fish, beef, and lamb are fine too, so if the fish is keeping him from pulling the hair off his knees, great. It may be that he is prone to dry skin, and the oil in the fish is giving him some necessary supplementation. Wishing you all the best with this little fellow, and his buddy pom.
Casablanca - 2014-03-02
Hi, My name is Casablanca Olsen, and I'm 11, I'm getting a Longhair female cream & white chi named Skylana on March 10, and any advice would be much appreciated, as we don't have any ideas about toilet training. (although we have been thinking about litter training)

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-03-09
    A lot of people have had success with crate training. This is a place where they dog goes to sleep and for rest periods, and they won't foul it. Still, you will have to potty train... teach it where to go to the bathroom, whether litter or outdoors.
Angel - 2014-01-30
We just bought an 8 year-old long hair chihuahua. He is wonderful! The only issue we are having with him is that if he is in the room with me, he barks and growls at anyone else who walks into the room. If I am not in the same room, he loves on anyone. How can we break him of this habit?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-01-31
    Barking is one of the most common problems reported by Chihuahua owners/ The are very defensive of their territory. The first thing you do, no matter what its age, is spend the time and energy to teach them basic obedience commands such as sit, stay, and come. Teach them one command at a time. Obedience is accomplished by speaking a command firmly to them and rewarding them by offering a treat when they obey. Once they achieve a basic obedience level, then you're will be able to work on changing the barking behavior. When they bark you can follow through with obedience training, teaching them to be 'quiet' on command. A good suggestions I've read  is to also remove distractions that seem to cause them alarm, resulting in barking!
sharon - 2014-01-24
I've had my adorable long haired chihuahua for about 3 weeks and we have really bonded. She is an awesome little traveler in the car and a perfect companion. She is 3 years old and very well trained and obedient. My only concern is that she doesn't like any hard dog food I've given her. The vet gave me some healthy samples, but she turns her nose up unless I coat it with cottage cheese. I don't think this will be good for her long term. She wants people food but I'm avoiding that habit. The vet thinks she might have some skin allergies, which restricts her diet even more. Any suggestions??

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-01-24
    Sounds like you have a great little companion. As far as allergies... here's some thoughts. 1 in 5 dogs suffer from some type of allery, but it's hard treat until you know what the allergy is. There are two different categories of allergies, internal and external. One of the most common types of internal allergy triggers are food. It can be alleviated by avoiding foods with a high gluten content, corn and 'filler' products. When choosing a dog food, the most important ingredient is should contain for your Chihuahua is meat. It can be chicken, beef, fish or lamb, but they need roughly a 40% meat content.Some of the most common Exernal allergies are reactions to Shampoos, conditioners and soaps as well as Flea bites.
anonomys - 2013-12-22
Hi I will not say my name but I havea chi her name is courage and she is only 2 months we got her todah

Anonymous - 2013-09-05
Hi my name is Judy. I adopted a long hair chi in 2010, december from the humane society in jasper texas. In the past 2 years I say she's having seizures. I've had people tell me they have heard of them having them. She is a unique color and look. She has a brother and sister who look like her. The vet says he hasn't seen a long hair chi that looks like her before. Tiki is her name and she is the love of my life. She loves playing with the kitten, they get real roudy sometimes. I got her because the dog that helped me through my husbands death got killed and I saw her picture 2 weeks later and said that's going to be my dog and I got her. Please help.

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  • Jasmine Brough Hinesley - 2013-09-05
    Do the seizures seem to be causing a lot of problems? I would say the first thing you should do is consult your vet. They may be able to prescribe some medication to help with the seizures and figure out why she is having them.
  • Debbie - 2013-09-18
    Hi, I'm so sorry to hear that your pup is having seizures. Our last dog ( not a chi ) started having siezures about 6 months after we rescued her. She would just drop over like she was dead and either lay there or start making this awful high pitched sound, then lose bladder control. Once she was over it she seemed to be fine. It became more frequent and the vet surmised she had a brain tumor and eventually we had to put her down. She lost pretty much her eye sight and started walking into walls. Sometimes she fell down the stairs. It was absolutely heartbreaking and that's when we knew it was time to let her go. We now have rescued a male chi and he has become the love of our life. All I can say to you is talk to your vet and love your little girl for as long as you are blessed to have her.
  • Suzanne - 2013-10-09
    I had a German Shepherd that Started having Seizures, Called the Vet and took her in. The Vet gave me a Medication and she did well for a while then she started to have more seizures so we upped her medication. We did this several times till she was taking the Maximum dose. Then she started where she was having 5 seizures a day and there was nothing we could do. We had to put her down and the Vet believed she had a brain Tumor. As she had so many Seizures. It was the hardest thing I've had to do. But it would have been selfish to let her continue to suffer. I had a long Haired Chi we rescued and Shortly after We put Dutchess down Skeeter Died. He had Congestive Heart Failure and his little Heart just gave out. We Just got a new Puppy. Another long haired Chi and He is Registered with the AKC and has Champions in his family. We already have him Spoiled. But he deserves it.
Niomi Somerville - 2013-09-19

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-09-19
    Oh my gosh! what a little cutie:) Thanks for sharing.
Jim - 2012-09-24
I know feeding dogs table food is a no-no BUT what about fruits & vegies? We have given our dog carrots, lettuce, pieces of cucomber and fruit.

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  • Anonymous - 2013-08-05
    I bet that's fine. We feed our Golden veggies all the time.
  • Jim - 2013-09-04
    BUT he does not like strawberries and will just lick cantaloupe.
  • Cathy - 2013-09-17
    Fruits and veggies are good for dogs, generally. However, there are some that are poisonous or otherwise not good for them. Grapes/raisins, avocado, chocolate, walnuts, brazil nuts, apple seeds (don't let them chew the core), peach pits, garlic, onions.... just to name some. Look for a complete list online just to be sure.
Anonymous - 2013-09-17
I have a beautiful, friendly and so loving long haired Chihuahua named Jack. Who says you shouldn't get a Chihuahua if you have small children? I challenge that. I have young children. As an adult and mother, you should carefully supervise their play as with anything children do. I don't see why you can't have a chi around children. Jack adores my 6, 5, and 2 yr old. He lays with them until they are all sleeping. Jack loves to be rubbed and petted by all of them. He also loves to snuggle and be hugged. It is the cutest thing to look at. Of course he is later moved to his bed as well as the children. Jack loves to be around the kids. I haven't seen him being aggressive towards one child over another. I feel as long as you supervise and teach the children how to be gentle, it can work out. It really depends on their personality too. Jack gets a lot of attention from all of us. He's the sweetest puppy ever!