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   The Long-haired Chihuahua is a classy little dog, full of personality and spunk.
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Micaela - 2009-10-29
I have a long haired Chihuahua that I actually just got yesterday. He is extremely sweet and very cute. He is 3 months old and even though I just got him, I am madly in love with him already. Now I also have a Cocker Spaniel, and when he was introduced to my Cocker he acted a little scared. Is this common for a Chihuahua because every time the Cocker came anywhere near him he would run.

Jennifer Hornbeek - 2009-07-14
I have a long haired chihuahua that looks just like the one on this page. He is the best dog I have ever had. He doesn't bark at just anything. He is VERY protective. I can't do anything without him. He has seizures from low sugar but the vet said that was common in these breeds of dogs to just give him 1/4 tsp. honey a day. I would put his pic here but I don't know how. EDITORS NOTE: Pictures can be uploaded in the gallery!

shawna - 2009-07-12
We recently adopted a long haired chihuahua, his name is Moses> He is 8 months old with long black hair. He weighs about 1 1/2 lbs., he is so cute! We have other dogs and he seems to be getting along well with them. He is already picking up the potty training experience. We love him already!

destiny - 2008-08-02
I have what is supposed to be a Pomeranian that looks exactly like your dog! Your dog is so cute, does it bark at like anything that moves outside, cause mine does BIG TIME!