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A toy spaniel breed, the adorable Japanese Chin is a small indoor dog!
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Beverly - 2010-03-12
I just picked up an eleven month old male rescued chin on Monday. He had originally been with a breeder. No known abuse. The rescue foster dad had about 7 chins that ran around freely using wee-wee pads, covered mattresses, etc. Very happy environment for the puppies. I already have a 6 mo.old female chin who is almost completely trained. I have taken the dogs out at least every 3 hours, walked in the woods, walked on sidewalks, walked through the lawns, in streets, etc. My little guy will not go potty outside. I stay out for 20 minutes, often. He will come right back in, and may or may not go potty on the pads. More often than not he goes on the carpet. I am very discouraged. I am at home all day, retired, and he has not been crate trained so I feel like a prisoner. Help! I love watching them play. They are so sweet, and sleep all night with us, but what can I do to transition him from his complete freedom to an outdoor potty pup?

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  • Jennifer - 2010-06-28
    Hey Beverly. I just bought a 10 week old Chin 5 days ago. The breeder told me that she puts a kitty litter box filled with "Feline Alpine" in their pen when they are 3 weeks old, and at 4 weeks they begin to use it to pee and pooh automatically. She doesn't know how they know that's where they need to go and use the restroom, but they just do. So, when I adopted my Chin I just put the kitty litter in her pen that I bought from PetSmart and she automatically used it to pee. The next day I took some of her pooh and dirty kitty litter and spread it outside on the grass and put her in it and told her to "go potty". It took a day to get her to understand what I wanted her to do. I pointed to the grass and told her again "make potty" and she did. The day after she began pooing outside too. I had one little accident before she got used to the idea of going outside and she did have one little accident in her pen because I removed her kitty litter and forgot to put it back in for a couple of hours. But, overall, if she isn't going outside she is going in her litter box. Very exciting for me! This will work for you too. Just be patient and repetitive about your process. They are very smart. I just got her 5 days ago and she has already learned to sit and stay. I repeat, you must be patient and repetitive with them and give them lots of praise. I read somewhere that they understand the human language better than any other breed. So, go out and buy a puppy pen, some Feline Pine and a kitty litter. Put all this together and put the Chin in the pen. Do not let him out unless he's either gone outside or in the kitty litter. This the discipline that you must be strong on for your sake and his. Or use a crate do apply the same discipline. When you feed him, only feed him twice a day and then take him straight outside to that area with the dirty kitty litter or dirty pee pad (if you don't want to use the kitty litter) and voice out "make potty". If he doesn't go right away walk him around and go back to that area again and tell him "make potty". Do it over and over. The key is to walk him and keep saying those words and be firm about it. If he hasn't gone yet, then you must keep him in the pen/crate until he does. Only when he potty's outside will it be okay to let him run around the house as a reward for his effort, but only for a little while. If he goes outside you MUST praise him. Tell him "good boy! Good boy!" and pet him lovingly to show him how happy you are for what he did outside. He will understand that what he did is pleasing you, and that is all these Chin's strive to do - please us.

    If he won't go outside put him back in the pen/crate and repeat the process until he understands that going outside is where you want him to potty. Even if he cries, don't allow him to run around the house without peeing or poohing outside first. Breaking your puppy from this horrible habit is the start of a well discipline and balanced dog. I hope this helps! :-D

  • kelli - 2010-08-05
    I have a japanese chin how long do they live mine is 7 and sick.
  • michele pillay - 2010-09-23
    Unfortunately, chins are difficult to potty train...

    Mine is four and still marks.... so he wears baby diapers.... it works and he doesn't seem to mind... he has his freedom and doesn't mark my floors - works for me.... hope this helps.
Alicia Mcdonald - 2008-08-15
Our chin is 4 months old and still wants to pea everywhere unless she is shut in one room with her pea pad, or of course outside. She is also extremely active. She wants to run like she is a race horse and is very picky about her eating habits already. We are not at all sure how to break these habits. I don't mind the activity because we have a fenced in yard for her. Will she out grow the wild bitting and running. thx al

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  • michele pillay - 2010-09-23
    My chin is 4 years old and still runs figure 8's through our home...

    I find it so funny.... he has to get his midnight run in and play with his toys before he sleeps... he has been known to play so rough with his toys that his toy ends up on the top of the book shelf... they are such cute and sweet dogs...

    Regarding house-breaking - that is a difficult challenge - mine still marks and therefore wear's baby diapers : )

    Mine has never been one to bite but did chew a bit as a pup, but grew out quickly...

    Hope this helps : )
pat - 2009-07-01
I have owned two chins, and both of them run thru the house the same time everynight before they lay down to go to sleep at night.
I have found their behavior is very similar to each other. Love their temperment. All around wonderful little dog.