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   The Chinese Crested originated in Africa where it was called the African Hairless Terrier!
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Zoe - 2011-02-05
I have a chinese crested who has developed a severe food allergy.
Anyone else had a similar problem? He is on just a dry food diet now but still not clearing up.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-04-12
    I don't know what will work for you vs me but I used Eukanuba and got rid of all problems with my dogs. Shar Pei's are always allergic to something. I even fed it to the pups.
    Vet might recommend Science Diet also. My Shar Pei's always had problems with allergies and food and Eukanuba worked for me.
Arlie - 2010-01-03
How do I find a another chinese crested like the one in the picture.

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  • Sheri handler - 2010-07-07

    I don't exactly know when you posted this question, but I recently bought a chinese crested powder puff "black and white" colors may vary. But I bought him from a breeder named Sheri she can be reached at. ( 714) 916-1663. Our boy that we bought from her is healthy and loving you can rest assure that when you buy from Sheri we will stay stay in contact with you for whatever you may need.

    She has another litter coming in a couple months.


    Ps. Yes we have the same name!
  • peyton - 2010-12-30
    Go to google and type in"where to find a chinese crested puppies (or dogs). Make sure your breeder can be trusted by a parent. Then pick the picture (if they have pics.) of one that looks like the one on the front page. That's what I did when I got my puppie. Hope you get a puppie that you want.
maria white - 2010-01-05
i have a chinese crested that i will like to adopt. please contact me via