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   The Chinese Crested originated in Africa where it was called the African Hairless Terrier!
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Kathy Jane Tibbitts-Hellier - 2012-04-03
Hello I have a 2 year old hairless Chinese crested male dog which is 17 lbs. and has taken to not wanting to eat. He has lost most of his teeth now and so kibble is out of the question. He won't touch canned dog food and I have wasted a lot of money on making food that he won't touch either. I'm pulling my hair out. My opinion the vet isn't sure what to give him either. He went from having a great appetite to eating very little and he needs to see me eat it first or he won't touch it and I'm not eating dog food sorry. Please give me some suggestions cause he's only eating meat that's it.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-04-03
    Wild dogs/wolves hunt and they hunt for meat. That is their mainstay and they do quite well. If your little fella only wants to eat meat then let him. I'd just cook up some hamberger (or ground turkey)for him. That way you can taste it (or pretend to) and he can eat it. If you wish - a little yogurt over the top or mixed in won't hurt at all. At 17 years old - I think he should have his own way.
Sal - 2012-09-06
The dog in this pic looks EXACTLY like mine must have as a pup, floppy ears and all. Does anyone know if that is a full PowderPuff or not? I rescued my pup at 2.5 yrs old so we don't know if he's pure. Any input is appreciated!

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  • Clarice Brough - 2012-09-17
    Not sure, the contributor said it was a full Powder Puff.
Peter - 2013-04-23
my powder puff has been itching his eye alot but when ever we try to make him stop he will try to bite me? and under his eye is a penny sized red soar...PLEASE help i dont want my baby to go blind!

tammy - 2013-01-04
my puff is very nervous and spiddles' when putting her on the leash to go outside..... she does stay with me outside until she gets a spazze attack and runs around the house like crazy but always goes right to the front door when done.... i have to have her on a leash in case there are dogs out running around. inside the house she won't be trained if i tell her to come here even using a baby voice or treat she hides. training like teaching her stuff she acts nervous and shakes and is way to eager to just eat the treat i am very good at training my pets even my cats but she just doesn't seem to comprehend what to do and is like scared i got her when you was 7 months old and i know the people that i got her from so i know she wasn't abused. what can i do to calm her and train her? i know that they are good dogs to teach special kinds of tricks with would be nice to see some of them. thanks

Kdbuh - 2011-08-21
My puff has horrific allergies I can't seem to control. I just read today wool may be an issue so when I get home I will eliminate that too. She is on dry natural food made from sweet potatoes and fish and only drinks distiller water. I put natural oil in her food to prevent dry skin. We wash all clothing and bedding in detergent for sensitive skin and her as well (puppy shampoo). And still issues! Itching all day and night to the point none of us sleep! Help! I can't afford a couple hundred dollars for a test right now, well not before I try all my options! Hope someone out here in cyber world can help poor little Dixie Bell!

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-08-22
    I have been told by a vet that Benedryl works which sorta makes sense as the test things on dogs. However, I don't know the dosage at all for the dog. Can you just call your vet and ask?
  • zoe\'s mom - 2013-01-04
    just adopted zoe, sweetie pup w/the most awful oozing skin. We started with grain free limited diet, and then cooked foods. For baths, started using vet pyoben shampoo with a light buf-puf, it dried everything up, including the healthy skin, started another regimen (all natural homeopathic with the exception of vet's shampoo) right after bath-with a paper towel and sensitive type of witch hazel gently wipe all the skin down, then a light spray made of purified water with drops of tea tree and lavender oil, then finish with calendula cream or gel. she loves this treatment! Took 6 weeks or better to clear it up, and then she eyed me eating the croissant and couldn't help myself but to share, ugh..2 bites and 2 days later back to square 1! Shes Gluten Intolerant! I now cook her food and add it to the royal canin because she wont eat that alone, give them choice they become picky children :) Good luck with your pup! Good luck wit your pup,
Anna - 2012-11-26
My 14 weeks Chinese crested powder puff is already 7.27lbs; I can't find any growth chart for this breed. Is this weight is normal for his age? He supposed to be a pure breed. His mother is a powder puff as well and her weight is 12lbs while the father is hairless and he is much smaller (around 8.15lbs). Is it possible that this breed stop growing in an early age?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-11-26
    Her mom was a pretty large powder puff as they normally don't go over 10 pounds.  They grow quite fast from 1 week to 3 months and then the growth slows.  I would think another couple pounds and you have the size. 
Anonymous - 2012-07-28
royal caine junior is a good food

chris - 2012-02-08
My chinese crested powderpuff puppy (8 months) loves greek yougurt in her dry food (I only put 1/4 tsp with water). Will this cause any problems?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-02-08
    You can do that - it won't cause problems.
debbie - 2011-11-23
I am fostering a powder puff mom and her pups. She's from a puppy mill and was never walked. She's about 2 years old and is still nursing. She doesn't like to go for walks, but when she does walk, she stops and starts so often that it's torturous. Albeit, it snowed and so it's cold, I can't figure out this odd walking habit. Does anyone have advice on how to get her to walk?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-11-24
    I would take her to the vet. There could be something wrong with her hips.
  • debbie - 2011-11-24
    Thanks for responding. She walks well in the house and when she does walk outside, she walks fine. It's a stubbornness or unwillingness to walk outside. I've tried coaxing with a treat, but to no avail. (The treat worked well to teach her to climb stairs.) I need to break this negative mindset. Before I call in a trainer, I thought I'd start here! :)
  • Charlie Roche - 2011-11-24
    OK got that part. If she is walking just fine in the house and not outside then it is behavioral. Can't say for sure if this will work but I use very tiny pieces of turkey hotdogs (cut a slice and 1/4 it) and put it in your pocket. As the pup is walking good, give her pieces. If she stops - don't give her pieces. As she walks better on the leash outside then make her walk a little farther each time to get the piece of hotdog. In other words, reward her at first every 10 feet she walks, then every 15 feet, then every 30 feet etc. She should repond and then finally you can take her for a walk and give her the little piece of hot dog when you get back home. Hot dogs are not a staple diet for a little pup like this and you will probably initially be feeding her all the calories she needs for the day but within a couple of weeks she should be walking and moving without problems. Then you have to bury the hotdog in the food so she starts eating what she is supposed to. Good luck and I am glad it is not a bone problem.
  • debbie - 2011-11-24
    Thanks! I will try it.
Sandy - 2011-03-04
Our Chinese Crested Powder Puff continually gets mats close to the skin despite daily brushing. The only way to overcome them is to cut them out. Has anyone found a product that can keep that super fine undercoat from getting all tangled?

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  • Adam Short - 2011-03-16
    I had the same trouble, but if you get some regular conditioner and put 1 - 2 teaspoons into a 100ml of water and spray this onto the coat before brushing, remember brushing the coat when it is dry can damage it and increase the mats. I believe this should work, but if it doesn't try doing this along with grooming twice daily, ie, morning and night.
  • Karen - 2011-06-13
    I had the same problem, was told to rinse him with a detangler after bathing and it has really helped. In fact, I have not had any problems with matting since then although that has only been a couple of weeks ago.
    I have heard using a little deluted detangler and spraying it on the matted area prior to brushing helps also.
    I switched from a brush to a comb and that works better too.